IMVU Client Download History
  • 539.10: Windows Installer (38,775KB) Mac DMG (66,542KB)
    • - We changed the error messages for 2FA and squashed a pesky bug or two along the way for you.
  • 539.8: Windows Installer (38,775KB) Mac DMG (66,542KB)
    • - There was an annoying bug related to 2FA login which made a tiny number of users crash. We fixed this one for you!
  • 539.6: Windows Installer (38,772KB) Mac DMG (66,501KB)
    • Tired of putting in your 2FA code every single time you sign on to IMVU with the same device? Classic Client will now remember your devices in this prerelease!
  • 539.4: Windows Installer (38,777KB) Mac DMG (66,499KB)
    • - A few products were crashing users off the platform so we squashed that pesky bug for you.
  • 539.2: Windows Installer (38,779KB) Mac DMG (66,541KB)
    • - The weird eye error tried to come back but our engineers sallied forth and vanquished it back into its dark hole.
  • 539.0: Windows Installer (38,777KB) Mac DMG (66,542KB)
    • - You asked for it. We heard. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now available! Be sure to go to your Settings on IMVU Next or IMVU Desktop to enroll in 2FA. (
    • - Is logging in to IMVU with your Facebook confusing? We have a better-detailed error message when this happens.
    • - Weird eye errors on some of your products? Fixed for you!
    • - You can now jam to music once more with your Mac desktop.
    • - Squished a pesky bug that led to a crash while in edit mode.
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