IMVU Client Download History

IMVU Desktop:

  • 13.1.43: Windows Installer (155,970KB) Mac DMG (131,972KB)
      • Change the size of seat node bubbles and show distant seat nodes in Chat. You can make changes to these parameters in Settings. 
      • Chat room invites are more descriptive and are more reliably received. If you miss an invite, it will be visible in the Activity Center and clicking on it will take you directly to the Chat room.
      • Many improvements were made to increase performance and stability across the app.

IMVU Classic:

  • 545.0: Windows Installer (37,989KB) Mac DMG (65,673KB)
    • - Require chat communication to use improved security.
    • - Fix an issue where 'Use Blending' can make meshes disappear.
    • - Fix infinite loading when clicking on Pulse Mode.
    • - Fixed compatibility issue. When Opacity is set to Blending in Studio, it now correctly renders in Create Mode.
    • - Fixed transparency mode issue in Classic for products that were created in IMVU Studio.
    • - Opacity and diffuse maps of different sizes are now properly compatible.
    • - Resolved Create Mode crashing when utilizing particles.
    • - Fix a bug with room decoration. Some users know this as the chubby room issue;
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