About the Program

Welcome to the IMVU Creator program! At IMVU we believe that the act of creating content is as natural as connecting with others in groups, or chatting. We think everyone creates something, and that users should be able to share their works with their peers. Our vision for the creator program is: "To enable all content creators to create, collaborate, share, and sell their content (regardless of form) through their relationships across all of IMVU. And to achieve that vision we believe that the Creator program should embrace four key values:

  • Collaboration - Foster an environment where all Creators feel they can work together
  • Community - Create a rich and vibrant community of creators
  • Enablement - Provide the tools, knowledge, and capabilities to achieve what you want
  • Partnership - Ensure that all users are treated as fair and equal partners to both each other and with IMVU

Joining the creator program is as simple clicking Sign Up to the right. There are lots of ways to create content and contribute at IMVU, from creating custom homepages, to rich images, to complex 3D objects and customer experiences, we've got plenty of ways for you to express yourself.

The Creator program is open to all IMVU users. If you want to submit items to our catalog to sell to other users or use on your own avatar then you simply need to own your avatar's name, and have the necessary credits on hand to submit a product. Even if you aren't interested in submitting items to the catalog you are welcome to join up, learn about creating, and interact with our rich community.

Aside from the great community there are some perks to joining the program. As a Creator you can earn Tier points (Click here to learn more about tiers), get special benefits, and more. IMVU wants to make creating at IMVU as simple, easy and as fun as we can. Additionally as a registered Creator you can make your own products and submit for sale in the catalog, even just for your own personal use. And again these can be anything from simple 2D stickers to complex 3D objects, or even Flash based applications.

All Creators have the ability to earn credits through the sales of their goods, so if you fancy yourself a business mogul, you can certainly play the role at IMVU. As we've already mentioned you don't need to have any skills, you can learn everything at IMVU. The only software required is a supported 2D paint program, Flash development environment, or 3D program (Click here to learn more about what programs IMVU supports). There are a few rules you should be aware of before starting, that we hope all Creators will respect in order to ensure IMVU is a fun and safe place.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and learn more about the Creator program. We hope you find creating content at IMVU to be very exciting, easy and fun! If you have any concerns or questions please browse the site or feel free to contact us. We hope see you as our next star Creator!