Name Change Token

The Name Change token is for changing your registered avatar name. If you would like to change your avatar name, you may do so by using one of IMVU's Name Change tokens.

Some things you should know first about "name change" tokens:

  • A name change is only allowed if the following conditions are met:
    1. You have already purchased an avatar name.
    2. The new avatar name you want does not already exist.
    3. You have not had a name change in the past 168 hours (7 days).
  • Name change tokens cannot be purchased with credits. Instead, Name change tokens can only be purchased using real world currency (ie: credit card, PayPal, check, money order, etc.)
  • You may purchase as many tokens as you wish for your account. Each token can be used only once to make a name change. Tokens that are not used are kept in reserve on your account.
  • If you are making a name change, be careful when you type in your new name! The change is permanent and cannot be undone (except by another name change).

To buy a name change token, you may do one of the following:
  • Go to the "buy credits page" and find the product entitled "name change tokens"
  • Go to the "Change Avatar Name" page from the Account page (click on the "Account" link in the menu at the top of any IMVU web page after you have logged in), and if the account does not own a name change token, a link to buy the product will appear

To see the number of name change tokens you have:
  1. Go to your Account page
  2. In the Account Tools section in the right hand side, click Change Avatar Name
  3. There, you can see the number of name change tokens you have

To change your avatar name using a "name change token":
  1. Go to your Account page
  2. In the Account Tools section in the right hand side, click Change Avatar Name
  3. If your account has one or more name change tokens, you will get a form asking you to enter your password and the new desired avatar name. Fill in the form. Click "Continue" to submit, and if the name change is successful, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. If the name change is not successful, you will see an error message telling you why the change did not work.

To view the name change history of your account:
  1. Go to your Account page: Account
  2. In the Account History section, click on View Name Change History

To see the name change history of another user:
  1. Go to the user's homepage
  2. Click on the "Name Change Log" link in the top right corner

Getting Help
If you have any problems with purchasing or using the name change tokens, please submit a Billing Help Request Ticket. To do this, click on the HELP tab (located in the right upper corner of any IMVU web-page), then click on "Account & Billing Help" and "File Billing Help Request Ticket" and look for the appropriate help topic there.