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For users and fans of!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: 1MVUX
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2007-10-16 10:22:03
Members: 695

The Soapbox


Thanks for a great 8 years! Please visit our page for a list of other Registered Resellers you can purchase from until May 14th.


Active Members

    . AUTOGRANT : my xbox controller
    avpic Partner Former Reseller
    IMVU Master Content Creator Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 7 Badge Superstar Blink Secret Santa!
    ~ Dove - (male) ~ ~ Dove - (female) ~ OnlyHD-SClaus Balette Heel Black Heel Merry Christmas
    Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie
    Rock n Roll Rock on Sub. I Believe in Teal Zombie XxLightClubsxX
    Usagi San and Misaki i love anime Can You Handle Me?
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 1 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge J.A.K. Anti-Twilight 5pr*RESPECT ALL CREATERS
    Ritsy; Support ..::Corpsedolly::. DESEEM2 [Skull Badge] DESEEM2 [Domo-Kun Badge] miyadorei WashedDownstream FilesSalesForum Badge
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge imvux Badge Tall Tochi UR Bling CokeCola LordVanHelsing PLEDGEDLIFE Gir

Holla Board


Notorious: <~~~ steal my avatar picture!!!!

GlamUp_89819984_89819984_deleted_89819984: You should allow VIP to be purchased. Since IMVU won't let me buy it on this site.

Guest_XxXAshHashXxX_140274095_deleted_140274095: i need credits promo credits please

RollsRoyce13: Hi all,have a good evening on imvu..........!! wooo out the netherlands, take care pll

Purplella: Used IMVUX for over 2 years now. Thanks IMVUX for cheaper credits!

llGaTuBeLall: hello I would love to know how I can get credits urges me please tell me

0Bass: hello.. -echo- ... any body there.. -echo-

Guest_justinjulianjordan_disabled_97817423: buying credits from is the best.

MoonAngelPassions: Hi Really Love Shoping But Now Really Need Some Cradits For My Family On Here "(p:)...

Guest_mohmmedzaq_87453897_87453897_deleted_87453: i want remove guest can any one help me

Guest_gazakingjoshua_86477461_deleted_86477461: I NEED A GIFT OR CREDITS

BewBew: i really needto buy some credits...i need some money xD

Notorious: y'all better start paying attention.

DesignerCollection_retired_48639983: Check out my new products in my catalog ty :)

CrazyBeaHawsome: **~ FELIZ NAVIDAD ~**

Pumacatrun2: How can I convince my mum that this is a safe way to buy creds??? :S

Guest_MoneyIGetIt_53160943_deleted_53160943: hey yo wazz gud hola at meB)-

XxXBarBieSwaggXxX: tankxz 4 da invite :P

jkanji_28965539_28965539_deleted_28965539: hi all nice to be here

KimxxPet: Wasn't sure, so I tried it. Awesome IMVUX! Thankyou.

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Don't want to see these ads? Join the VIP Program!