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“SketchUp Furniture Tutorials & Resources”

What to look for Youtube Video Tutorials using SketchUp to create 3d Model, and free 3d model and textures.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: babygv
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2009-05-15 10:52:34
Members: 392

The Soapbox

Hi, ":)" Newby's welcome. We have YouTube Video Tutorials to help you create 3d Models using SketchUp, YouTube Video Tutorials to help you create trendy outfits using Gimp, and other helpful resources.

Free Textures ":)"
Leather Texture
Flower Wallpaper
Louis Vuttion Texture
Wavy Black and Blond hair texture.
Gucci Texture
Lace Texture
Snake Skin
Xtra Texture
Leopard Textures
Jean Texture

3d Models Video Tutorials Using Sketchup

Free SketchUp Models

Applications to Using with Sketchup
Meshout V04 []
Merlin Toolkit 2014 []
Old Version of Merlin Toolkit []

Action and Pose building tools

Books I have written on Amazon

Babygv Products: "B)" Has Derivable Rooms []

Active Members

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Turn up your Creativity!


babygv: Ah, yes I did change all the useless links.

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