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“Help us improve the new Wishlist!”

A group to get feedback about the new Wishlist.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: LauraK
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2007-12-03 13:12:36
Members: 1563

The Soapbox

Update 3/31:
Hey group, I've made another change that will hopefully fix the bug that keeps the wishlist from loading for some people. As ever, if you see any problems, please let me know immediately! Feel free to private message me. If you suddenly are able to use the new wishlist for the first time, let me know that too.

Update 3/25:
pinkmoonbunny has been kind enough to offer to help out with things like consolidating threads and making sure that important issues get escalated to me in a more timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns or things that need my attention, feel free to leave me a homepage message.

We had some technical problems with the wishlist for the last day. We understand that some people could not see the images on their lists. We're fixing the image issue right now and hope to have it resolved this evening. Thanks for your patience, and again, sorry for the hassle! Also, a big thanks to those of you who sent me a private message alerting me of the problem.

New Update 1/31:
Sorry we haven't updated much. We've been hard at work on all sorts of things over here. Made a small change to fix a display bug in IE6 that should make everyone's lists look a little nicer. still working on the bug that is keeping some people from seeing the new wishlist. Please message me if you still can't use it. Thanks!

New update 1/03:
-made a small change to show the total cost of items currently in the cart on the side cart panel (more totals hopefully coming!)
-made some fairly significant (but invisible!) changes to hopefully get rid of some of the problems people were seeing where the list wouldn't load. Let me know if it helps!

New update 12/16:
-changed the Delete button to just a small red at the upper left of the product image so that I could add more functionality without taking up too much more space on the screen.
-added the much requested Try It button to all products. At the moment, it's on all products, even ones that you can't really try on (like stickers), but I figured it was more important to get one out to you than to get it perfect.
-added the multi-select just for adding to the cart. At the moment, you can't do a multi-select delete, since the deleting is pretty quick, but that may happen later if people feel strongly about it. You can still delete each item with the red x in the upper left of the image.
-added a View Cart panel that currently just lets you see your cart, but hopefully will soon give you interesting information like the prices of selected items. Stay tuned!

New update to the wishlist 12/14:
-you can now opt out of (or into) the new wishlist. If it's not loading for you, please feel free to go back to the old one for the time being. We're tracking down that problem and hope to have it fixed soon, but meanwhile, you all should be able to use your wishlists!

Thanks again to all of you! We couldn't do it without you.

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Holla Board


SinfulCandy: is there a way to select multipple items on someones wishlist when gifting them

PeaceXoXRose: wow I have suffered with this since joining .. never dawned on me I coud get help :P yay!

creamer4u: wow nothing new in the wishlist group

MzQueenZoie: hello fam happy belated halloween

Guest_maidami_53863175_53863175_deleted_53863175: Hi,Welcome to ,VERY competitive price for IMVU CR. 50000 credits only 23.98$ .

RadioCatastrophe: Well noones active, not even the IMVU staff member. I'm out.

MzQueenZoie: hello


pinkmoonbunny: ... on my profile Ok? THANK YOU! Also check the "SPRING CLEANING" thread ASAP! TY

pinkmoonbunny: Hey every one I ma back and active again. REMEMBER if you have a prob or question comment me on m...

Guest_ElfyPixie_35579986_35579986_deleted_355799: Hey Everyone, I'm New To this group so, I might not get something

Kiwi913: hey guys im back, and quite disappointed. where are all the new wishlist features we voted on??


Guest_hottblkgurly94_22022148_deleted_22022148: VOTE FOR MEE! Outfit Challenge! "Mi baby Huestano" Plz &Thanx!

Guest_LickItGoodPrincess_1865841_deleted_1865841: I really like the new wishlist!!!

pinkmoonbunny: Hey guys, sorry for the absence, but I'm back now! Please read the "Look here for ideas...

PsychoTherapy: boo

Guest_catmon2_17767995_deleted_17767995: happy halloween

Kiwi913: more in my list than i actually do. is this happening to anyone else too?

Kiwi913: weird glitch... so i have exactly 100 items in my list but when i shop, it always says i have 4 m...

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