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“Welcome to the community”

This is a community for Roleplayers to interact, openly communicate & discuss their views of the RP community, & to expand understanding & stability throughout this diverse community

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Slappykinkaid
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2014-07-02 08:35:17
Members: 338

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Holla Board


Guest_Lindiranae_disabled_212153820: Hi I'm new, looking to write/RP. Just thought I'd join a couple groups, try to meet som...

MrsAudi_disabled_41444667: Come check out my room, search for Jurisdiction and join for good roleplays.

DestinyLynnKaos: where do you go to ask for general rp

DestinyLynnKaos: i want to lern to roleplay better but i cant find a group

DestinyLynnKaos: i will lern to roleplay when i find a grops

RinaFanel: I started a thread! Group participation <3

iShatteredSanity: May the fail be with you.

SPArethonDeBlue: Thank you all. As it was said earlier its nice to see you've all come together. Enjoy!

SEmpressAzureDeBlue: X( ok i achieved what i needed to.. thankyou for your co operation..X(

iShatteredSanity: They are not my threads. And I have actually read them. In fact I am currently typing a reply.

SEmpressAzureDeBlue: Valk.. umm maybe you want to read your threads.. just sayin

iShatteredSanity: 1. Flame wars between RP groups is not RP. 2. Refrain from insulting other people.

SEmperorBalamaz: Hello NOOBS LEARN TO RP!

SPArethonDeBlue: Howdy folks! Roleplay is a lot of fun on IMVU. Its good to be back! :)

SEmpressAzureDeBlue: X( Hey all, so good to see you all come together :P

RinaFanel: Working on my Constructive Vs Destructive criticism guide. Taking a bit longer than expected.

Koschei: Welcome Creidh - figured you would be a nice addition here :)

Creidh: Thanks for the invite !

OoScreamKiwioO: thanks for the invite

OoScreamKiwioO: thanks for the invite

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