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The Perpetual Family

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them!”

A gathering place for us who have been here awhile!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: OG
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2009-03-11 11:21:11
Members: 125

The Soapbox

Help support the Florida MicroCon! Thank you! :D

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Holla Board


OracleGoddess: I've have a huge bill for paying attention! I think I got robbed!

Notorious: y'all better start paying attention.

ouebabe: hello?? is anyone here?? echooooo............. :D

Jasmyn: *dusts avi off and pops head in* hiii everyone :D

OracleGoddess: I'll be more alive soon, I promise! :)

KidCarnival: nobody seems to be alive here

Ladyquestio: well nobody seems to post new stuff

OracleGoddess: OMFG. I tried to make 2 new threads....

OracleGoddess: posting a thread sucks. I hate getting timed out.

Sorcha: weee!!!! erie's here! :D

tomcruise: Morning everyone!

OracleGoddess: Come support the Micro Con! :)

Ladyquestio: Hurrah we have a location for the Microcon in Orlando Area X(

Ladyquestio: Group for the Micro con made see my post

Ladyquestio: updated HP to include link to MicroCon Survey (unoffcial of course)

Ladyquestio: hmm.. working on the MicroCon subject even now. and pulling hair out as usual. lol

Ladyquestio: have a safe 4th of July

ouebabe: Hello again, missed you all...big hugs and sloppy smooches!

ouebabe: FYI:[]...

ExoticaClass: WIshes for all the Perpetual Family to have a grand and awesome week! ;)

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