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“Roleplay Rules , T1 , T2 , T3 , T4 , T5”

These are the rules for the imvu roleplay. Also all the rules for all combat used in imvu. If its missing, add it in. Thank you for respecting the imvu rules and have a good day.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Cetaphil
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-05-26 12:15:17
Members: 4332

The Soapbox


I would like to thank the supporters of the roleplay group.

Active Members

    Developer DL B1 B2 29Black 48Black Roleplayer!
    Silky Letters     A Royal Blood .::DONATELLA::.Live.Laugh.Love Seasonal Badge Chrome Letters Y1
    ObsiBig A I A2 N2 R2
    The Queen
    Wolf Bloodthorn 1 Wolf Bloodthorn 2 Wolf Bloodthorn 3
    Unicorn Bunny Cute Bunny! Sweet Bunny other  bunnies are like.... Pop!
    T1 RP Witch Cupcake Night Cupcake Novella RP (1) Novella RP (2) Novella RP (3) Novella RP (4) . in goth we trust
    Silky Letters - O Silky Letters - R Silky Letters  E Silky Letters   L Alphabet Badge ~Y~ Alphabet Badge ~P~ Alphabet Badge ~A~ Alphabet Badge ~L~ 2 Exclusive Xmas Tree! its a bit early but i want you to have it way in advance for your badge display and dont forget to check out mikescustombling and mikesletters catalogs this holiday! Christmas Grump
    wow yay wowyay huh2 wow_ Joven J Joven O Joven V Joven E Joven N
    magic4 magic3 magic1 magic2

Be Respectful.


Guest_KatIsACat2: Hi I just joined, if any of you are interested in roleplaying with me hmu :)

Guest_WarenShiro: Sup everyone.. joined just for observation 😊

Guest_NicholasDavis: How is everyone doing today

Guest_NicholasDavis: Was good my peeps

Guest_NicholasDavis: Was good my peeps

Guest_Devillivesinmysoul: hi there

Guest_HimanshuBhatia1: hey i m new here

Guest_SaaQd: Heyyy

Guest_ChaewonPark1: hi i'm new anyone online?

Guest_SugarFurryYum: Hoping everyone's having a great day. ^^ ~Amberlin

Guest_Xavier2856: Greetings! New to IMVU but an old RPer looking for... well... like-minded folks?

AleraMistLancaster: Just putting myself on the active members list.

Guest_FuzzyFuzz201: WarmGreetings ,Im Fuzzy ":)"

Guest_markprins: hii ntmu all;)

Guest_TONY286: hey

Guest_ozone5_182802021_retired_182802021: hello

KingDrakkonSalvatore: fairy tail anime rp recruiting, message for info

SerenaWillow: Willow Vampir covenant and empire recruiting message for info

Guest_ImYourDaddyNow: I just joined the group so dont mind me if i dont know what i am doing

AoraMoon: hello everyone

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