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“We may all seem separated but we are all connected.”

Here will be posted role play guidelines and will be discussed. Respect is a must.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: UnknownXIV
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2013-01-17 23:02:47
Members: 62

The Soapbox

Hello and welcome to everybody. This group is "open" so anyone can join it, by just clicking "Join" above.
I do not care if this group will become big(member wise) or if I will be the only one in it.

Everything posted here are guides and not a MUST follow rules.
If you do not follow them, it's your choice and your responsibility.
This group preserves freedom, justice and respect.
Each ones freedom ends where the other persons freedom begins, hence why it is stated that respect is a must in group description.

I know there are a few or several groups out there who are about "Role Play" ways, so you may ask what is the difference in this?

To be honest I don't know, I was in two of them, now one(two if you include this) and I felt/my humble opinion , is that they were being manipulating OR perhaps allowed other people within to try and manipulate or dictate what others MUST follow with worst part being that it happened in bashing, bullying and insulting manner, without any respect.

They claim to have no responsibility over what their members say or do, yet their staff members of their groups selectively remove people as they see fit, favoring their friends more than justice. Keeping in the violators and kicking out those who were arguing with them.

So here in this group I put my own two cents, creating a group that will BE responsible for the following:

1)Having clean discussions and arguments without disrespectful* things.
2)Warn those who will be disrespectful.
3)Remove/kick those who will be disrespectful 3 times.

*=Disrespectful here, means insulting, offending, bullying, trolling ect.
Respectful here means: Saying things in non offensive manner and nicely, stating that is simply/just your opinion.(Some call it "sugar coated" manner.)
-With that being said you don't have to speak in sweet nice way. Just try to not be disrespecting either and always point out/show that it's your humble opinion.

Furthermore no breaching of Imvu TOS(Terms of service) and no posting of any "adult only" content.

Any posts who will violate anything of the above and will be found/noticed, will be removed right away, given notification of such action and warning.

Violation of any of the above 3 times, will result to kicking out
Retaliation will not be punished but is not welcome either

Since this group is responsible, it would be helpful if each and every one of you, report to group owner or mods, any violators as we can not have eyes on every corner or go through every single post, being posted here.

DO NOT CREATE ANY TOPIC/THREAD, for the forum to be nice and not confusing, it will be removed. If you feel that a topic/thread should be made, msg me directly on my inbox or invite me to private chat if I am online and I will see to it/if is needed.

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Holla Board


UnknownXIV: Hello and welcome. If anyone is willing, I could use some help, to find combat style sources.

Arthas: A lot of helpful info and opnions on here that could lead to much better RP in rooms.

UnknownXIV: Fine I spell checked it. Psh for 4-5 typos? xD

Inanimae: thanks for invite psst >> spell check typos in soapbox ;D

Dayhawk_67432509_67432509_deleted_67432509: Thanks for the invite Unknown ^_^. Reading up on everything nicely done.

etenaru: Thanks for the invite! I look forward to participating and helping others<3

CrystalleSweet_disabled_70909428: I joined the group, hope no one minds. however I did so through my phone. XD message me if you wi...

DamienDarkRelic_disabled_43232256: ty for the invite glad to be here.

KaliyaNaktaari: thanks unknown :) will see what I can do

UnknownXIV: Also recruiting moderators who will follow rules and apply them with justice to any violator.

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