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People attending Creator Collective - in Las Vegas

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“Vegas Baby!”

Share some ideas about the trip

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Group Owner: TheDesignStudiosInc
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2010-08-10 05:23:39
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Holla Board


WaYaSkyEyes: i wanna go back to vegas

PepperDarling: Thanks for the invite Sarah. I can't wait to go. This will be my first time. Vegas 2013! X(

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: Please sign up for MicrCon Orlando ASAP if you plan to attend

LovelyLine69: WOOHOO! I had an awsome time with all of u!! hope we can do it again soon!!!!:)-D

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: Thank you Angel for organizing the party M.C. hugs get home safe. Sarah

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: our jump is at 8:00 pm

DrHippie: Good morning Las Vegas !!!!!!!!

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: Yay, I am at the airport got no sleep sooo excited

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: I work 11p-9a shifts, off today to travel tomorrow, I am so excites I can't sleep keep check...

DrHippie: LOL you can stay in mine as long as you have a place for me to live after the vacation :P

Notorious: did you get enough for my room too?

DrHippie: I'm here. Did well at the casino so just booked the Hitlon for the week

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: Update Who's Who's please give us your name, hotel and arrive etc I will update the lis...

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: I had not posted cuz they messed up my ticket, did not get a flight until 1 hour ago was extra $2...

AngelsDesire1: Alot of you are leaving tommorrow.Have a nice trip.See you there.

Mommajack: *waves*

autumdawn: as the song ask "aru u ready for this"....hell yea , WOOHOO...cant wait

OxoOJessicaOxoO: Can't wait to meet everyone only a few more days left :) see you all in Vegas!!!!!!

AngelsDesire1: Every one has been fun on here can't wait to see you all.

SarahsDesignStudio_19765840_197658_deleted: WOW, this time PST we will start arriving in Vegas it seem like a dream...come true

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