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Nocturnal Embassy

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“The Nocturnal Embassy welcomes all creatures of the night....bring within these halls, your visions.”

An avatar art and unedited outfit contest group + headquarters for NocturnalEmbassy and DEVATHON contestants

Membership: Open
Group Owner: NocturnalEmbassy
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2008-06-13 11:15:08
Members: 2552

The Soapbox


Active Members

    bibi gaf210Codes Wonka My Loyal Friend L4mu La Muerta Darlings of Dismay My Heels A Cupcake for you!
    MsPixelicious CNL espurna blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:22:13 MrHioksu The Queen Happy Springl Times! Amazing Developer Royal Models YanomaK Oficial Badge Cymricmanx ||Photoshop|| Designer
    C G J Soulmate Lovers Merry Meet Real Love Exists Valentine Card The Ring!
    Angel on Duty Angel after dark Jeweled Peace Catch me if u can......
    Keridwyn Productions Stachtastic Squishy You Got Spanked! KCs Ride Goth Sock Monkey Violet Razor
    G Bones D| Desi 1-800-Krueger
    Sinderella Sinderella`s special badge Ace of Spades Koolie Members Star Avatars Group Star Avatars Contest Winner Katana KimsDolly Mortessia!!!
    MacGyver Respected Disciple of Christ Holy Spirit of Truth Exclusive Xmas Tree Free Xmas House Peanuts Exclusive Snoopy Peanuts Exclusive Woodstock Peanuts Exclusive Tree Peanuts Exclusive Snoopy House
    OoMandaPandaO0 oOMandaPandaOo With All My Love From the Depths ~ Aquaphire ~ Vanishing ~ Puddles Panda-I/M NOT FAT I/M JUST FLUFFY Nocturnal Embassy Headquarters the muse is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation
    Karmas Drawer Claw Marks Taurus Badge "A" By ShahlaAhsan "N" By ShahlaAhsan "T" By ShahlaAhsan "Y" By ShahlaAhsan "A2" By ShahlaAhsan Triskel Love Me or Hate Me
    NeoNocturne moonwokcat Outfit Odyssey Pure Spirit Heart Happy Valentines Day Greece Kyxaz Shop
    GothicGarden dcdani friends Janetted and Partners .:H E L L I N:. With All My Love From the Depths ~ Aquaphire Devathon Developer Challenge! Beautiful People Nocturnal Embassy Unique Avatars Nocturnal Embassy Headquarters

Good mourning...


mztiq: Like dark winter tales x

mztiq: All contests are non edit unless told otherwise. It is an outfit contest x

CaitybugNiteWolf: the free bird contest i mean, in previous post

CaitybugNiteWolf: I've read it but is it un-edit or edit confused.


GothicGarden: Bringer of light contest date extended until January 31s!!!

GothicGarden: Dont worry, if you need help, feel free to message :)

CaitybugNiteWolf: sorry im a bit slow on some stuff lol

CaitybugNiteWolf: i read the info about outfits um what is red pixels so ik what not to use i dont know what that i...

LenaDelCastillo: than kyou for 4th place and congrats to the winners :D

TiaSpringvale: congratts everyone

buffy1996: Congrats all!! Thank you!!:)

NocturnalEmbassy: Good to see you Zen, why dont you try your hand in the contest?

GothicGarden: Hi peeps, Sorry been super busy, but will bring on next week the winners and put the new contest....

zendrahna: O.o

RavenRain: free Gothic , Dark wave , electro industrial badger. :) grad one if you like :)

NocturnalEmbassy: If you experience tech issues, please message gaf, my darlings. Hey Mystic! :D

GothicGarden: Please all cast your votes for the halloween hunt :D

mztiq: wb :) xx

MysticComet: Hi everyone... I am back 😀

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