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“Beauty in the Strangest Place”

Devs and Models Please Apply within to be showcased or a Model of this group.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: DeviousSiren
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2012-09-24 20:18:41
Members: 173

The Soapbox


Maniac Dollz Inc Website

These are official Dev's of MDI. They are sponsored and promoted by us. We Strive to get each dev's name out and known to get them sales or that hard earned PRO status they have been working for. If you are interested in being promoted. App with us!

AdonisAdelaide: []
Amaranth: []
Blazin: []
CheapTrash: []
DeLuxive: []
Dismay: []
DisturbedOccupant: []
Eurydice: []
Gawth: []
Gorelotte: []
iiShiKitty: []
KadonXion: []
KittenGrey: []
LilGrazie: []
MaliceCorpse: []
MikoVonGhoul: []
Prestiq: []
Pyeace: []
Richina: []
Syrious: []
Toxxeh: []
Wickedi: []
ZanderAlessandra: []
ZenAku: []

Active Members

    KisaTheCutie L o l l i r o t thevampire666 1389AD Mudkip Badge Sinderella | Piplup Badge | PKMN - Bulbasaur PKMN - Charmander PKMN - Squirtle Droll
    Smooch! My Cookie x Trapped x Originality is dead Loved by Dismay Darlings of Dismay My Love!! Bitch Mode My drug
    P0LT3R File Sales P0LT3R File Sales2 P0LT3R File Sales3 P0LT3R File Sales4 Beautiful Monster pt1 Beautiful Monster pt2 Sadistic Addiction Roleplayer
    Arayna Blackened Heart Arays Wifey Badge Crimson Family Pt. 1 Crimson Family Pt. 2 Elegant Ink Support Badge ..... Happily Taken
    +The Lucky Few+ Maniac Dollz Inc Maniac  Dolls Inc Staff Badge Part2 .:Fyre Loves You:. Abducted by Eza! Dismay Spun by Dismay My Love!!
    xMonstersKissx VinatgeMonster TheMorgue Blood Offering +|+ UNHOLY  CONFESSIONS +|+ V.I.D Spankme! Devil :DeviLDrawer:
    30Black 53Black 73Black 81Black 106Black -|- Starving Beast -|-
    Tan Blingy RESPECT Unique Paradise Beautiful
    Obey Your Master Real Love Exists My Sis is Crazy Love Me for Me My Circle UNBLOCK YOUR MESSAGES! Spoil Me
    Lancewrath unknown ManEater  Supporter Hand cuffs C h e r r y R e d MudkipLuna Creations mine..! dnd i dont care

Holla Board


cybersub_disabled_30829370: Good Morning Beautiful people. :)

cybersub_disabled_30829370: Happy Pixel Morning to you all. <3

DEM1SE: Thank you for the invite honey!

VinylDollz: Haiii! Thanks for the invite! :)

Nyctophiliac: No problem Lady ^^ I hope you will be joining us.

666LadyofDeath666: Ty for the invite Nycto <3

CelDoll: Thanks for Invite :3

Ferocity: To everyone in this group who is not in the MAIN GROUP. Make sure you fill out your app for us. :...

DeviousSiren: Please if your interested in being a MODEL or a Dev app.

Pyeace_disabled_41853298: Hello All Thanks for the invite :)

Rankle: Thank you for inviting me :)

MadamMel: Hey Megz, Fyre, Terra! Sorry I was out with illness. I am ready to be an active model! Woot! :*

Vazt: Ty for the invite...Hi all

Karmilaah: thanks for the invite &#9829;

Mongrel: Thanks for the invite.

Reptantis: thanks for the invite :)

Jenocide: approved VenusianLich's and Defying's model apllications and sent them invites to the m...

DynastiRoze: Hello all im cooo cant wait to meet all of you

Deface: Darlins if your new and we have not met you..please show your faces in the groups room. :)

MaliceCorpse: been a few days but just wanted to say thx for the invite :)

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