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“Hi, my name is Desirae, and I'm an IMVU addict.”

A group for those who are too darned addicted to IMVU to leave!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: SoubisSacrifice
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2009-03-24 21:38:05
Members: 16

The Soapbox

created by BrandiwyneH

Active Members

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Holla Board


DarkAngel5: Hi! Checking in, hope all is going great. :)

nadinastarr: IMPORTANT READ: [] to catalog & sales updates!!!!

SoubisSacrifice: My 12 steps are working too good. I've been avoiding IMVU like the plague lately, lol

Whimzzie: hey ,hey all Happy Easter in case I don't make it by I will have company hugs:)

SouthernMade: *waves to all* Thanks for the invite SS!

Silexe: Forgot #13, Will never admit we were abducted by imcu aliens. "lol"

BrandiwyneH: Thanks!!!

Whimzzie: oops just saw that Brandi did the 12 steps Brilliant girl you rock!

Whimzzie: OMG! so true those 12 steps Brillant whoever did it

GothicGarden: Hi thanks for the invite hun

Apollosapphire: Heya happy chatters! :D ty for the invite!

Vindictiive: thank you for the invite :)

irock332: thanks for the awesome group invite!! :D

Angelofpurple: Thanks for the invite, seems like a fun group.

oOmagpieOo: Thanks for the invite Desi :)

SoubisSacrifice: Welcome to the group! Ain't much to look at now, but it'll grow!

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