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“For Democrats, by Democrats”

Whether you're a liberal, progressive or even moderate Democrat, this group is all about electing Democrats and keeping tabs on what our representatives are doing or at least should be doing.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: fabooj
Category: Politics
Date Formed: 2007-09-12 12:26:28
Members: 79

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Holla Board


Guest_lordmathiaswarnock: guess whar repbulicans r trying 2 take indian land here in wi any one els ticked a bout it

HarukaMichiru: Hello,fellow Democrats!

TiberiusPaladin: Yea.... No kidding lol

EM0: sad to see This group so In active Its getting close and heating up

Mountman: check out my Obama Pride tees Male and Female

Guest_Maktah_28174186_deleted_28174186: Hello, I am new, whatup

Rachiel69: hey just wanted to say hi

Guest_PlainWhiteFigures02_21214239_deleted_21214: Oops, I made a typo on 'join' sorry.

Guest_PlainWhiteFigures02_21214239_deleted_21214: Yay! Its great that there is a group of Democrats here on IMVU. Hope it's alright if I joine...

Guest_ALD626_21553485_deleted_21553485: So I'm a newbie, just sayin hi

Guest_Raliflowz_1475104_1475104_deleted_1475104: sup

CopeLC1822: Hey it a new member. Just sayin Hi

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