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“I triple darn dare you, to step inside this humble abode, and share your love of....BOOKS!”

This group is for anyone who loves to read as much as I do. Tell everyone who your favorite author is. What genre do you like the most? Did you just finish reading the best book ever? Are you reading one now? I am! I'm usually into romance novels by Nora Roberts. However, right now I'm reading a sci-fi series by Charles Stross called The Merchant Princes. I've just wrapped up the first book of the series "The Family Trade". It was HOT! Full of secrets about this super smart journalist, who was found in the middle of the night laying next to her murdered birth mother at 6 months old! She grows up to discover a locket that unlocks a whole new parallel dimension, and her true identity. She's in her New York apartment, taking a nice long nap, when she suddenly gets kidnapped by her uncle's midieval goons. She later learns that she's filthy rich, all because of the family trade which has been going on for centuries! You'll NEVER guess what the family trade is! It will shock you to your creaking bones! See! I TOLD ya it was HOT! You MUST check it out. I triple darn DARE you to read this book! I'm currently in search for the second book of the series, "The Hidden Family". Meanwhile, I'm reading another sci-fi goodie called "Poison Study". This woman must choose, between a quick death... or a slow poison. Along the journey she develops magical powers she can't control. Woo Hoo! This book is another found treasure! I'll tell you more about it later as I discover more about her. (Check your local library for all books discussed throughout this group.)

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Go read....

-["The Family Trade"]- A sci-fi adventure by Charles Stross. Who might like this: Fans of Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Alias. See Summary: []

-["The Poison Study" and "The Magic Study"]- A tragedy filled magical tale by Maria V. Snyder. Who would like this: Charmed Fans. See Summary: []

-["Angel"]- A dark, romantic drama by Johanna Lindsey. Who would like this: Fans of Nora Roberts, Debbie McComber, Jude Deveraux. See Summary: []

-["Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"]- A classic, historical, whimsical blues tale by Mildred D. Taylor. Who might like this: "Tucker Everlasting" fans. See Summary: []

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I'm currently reading....


Guest_tatiana365_6717187_deleted_6717187: im am currently reading "Last Words" by Mariah Stewart.. its sooo addicting ^^

Guest_souljaboyjohn_17641097_17641097_deleted_17: i'm currently reading "poison study" a sci-fi by Maria V Snyder

Guest_sexybac15_15105830_15105830_deleted_151058: i'm currently readin.."Johanna Lindsey Angel" it's so demn^^

JaydiaRae: I'm currently reading "Poison Study", a sci-fi story by Maria V Snyder.

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