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“Shows, Movies, Streamlining, and so much more!!”

Do you Love Movies or TV...what about a big bowl of Popcorn? If so your gonna love this group and the main thing is to Have FUN!! This is a GA group,please keep it clean ;)

Membership: Open
Group Owner: CcHugz
Category: Movies & Television
Date Formed: 2009-07-24 18:20:30
Members: 159

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Intermission Chat Box


Djshellyfox: getting concerned, I really enjoy this group! Hope all is ok. hugs

moonlight31080: please reinvite me when this gets back in action:)

Djshellyfox: yup cc sent you new links hugs

Djshellyfox: Hi all finally transferred everything too IMVU no more photobucket here. :) I am Back :)

Chatdoll: same as Mystic!!!! Hows everyone! good to see this group still going !!! always love extra butter...

MysticComet: How is everyone doing???? Ive missed you so much!

FabyStyles: Laptop Died, have a new one (: D

Guest_NostalgiaDavid_disabled_193433478: Thanks,i cook Grains of Popcorn on Stove Hope you can Eat popcorn in house :)

PandyBear: happy easter everyone

CcHugz: Bday gift to Agape from group, I am trying to get better about getting these out.

CcHugz: Sort of Back....DJShellley looks like your photobucket images no longer work, just fyi hun

CaitybugNiteWolf: transfers it correctly i mean. hope it helps

CaitybugNiteWolf: made a 5k donation to ExtraButter hope it shows on the ExtraButter page i never know if imvu does...

CaitybugNiteWolf: yvw lum

luminousfleshgiant: Thanks ODESSA. ;)

CaitybugNiteWolf: nice callendar lum.

CaitybugNiteWolf: and some links that didnt go in right and didnt show the pick lol. so i can relate to that CC.

CaitybugNiteWolf: i had stuff disapear out of the box before when birdie gave me the other group that time. and som...

CcHugz: got almost all prizes done, have few stickers to send and one prize for NOV.

CcHugz: GRR hate when updating soap box and remove wrong image, lol...will get back up soon hopefully

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