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“Working together for a common cause”

Group for DevCredit partners to work together

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: janniphers
Category: Community
Date Formed: 2010-01-17 08:18:36
Members: 80

The Soapbox

Please DO NOT DELETE any threads without first letting me know---Thank You **Janna**
Thank you WickedStormKitty for the very cool group picture... If anyone would like it for their HP please let me know. Huggles Team DC

Active Members

    WickedStormKitty WickedStormKitty2 AscerbicKitty
    wiing dragonfly wiing yin yang IMVU Dev Token Card Deck 2018
    IMVU Gold Pass Badge Tidy Designs Badge faith and passion Tor TIdyAfterDark FootWear Badge
    Great Southern Land Things Dyzgraceful Coming Soon Polygon Cafe.. Half a Pair of Panties!! ~mwahs~ !!Relle!! The Other Half
    Nan Tethrar Dreams Liziaah 2 Melanie Designs xROXYx The Stud
    Studio954 DenimRose badge White Kitty Brass Knuckle Productions Harley1979 .Spread the Love.
    MsPixelicious LadyIzabella Designs Badge AnnaLee - Eiffel ZIGZAGO1 Delure
    lil: Click it, you know you want to! :D lil: 100% FREE stuff! Yes, seriously! Ellohym II
    IMVU Master Content Creator Badge DaisyMay Products jamie625 badge <3 Coming Soon Polygon Cafe.. Invincable Pisces Badge
    Shared Rooms Badge imvux Badge Wide 2 Sexy 4u : Come And Get Your Badges From the 4u Homepage CEO CaryJay Pants 2
    wiing dragonfly crySue Where the Difference has taken Place The Dominion Sinderella
    Twinkies Live!!! Twinkies Live! The Chosen... 15k or exclusive trades The Fallen..15k or exclusive trades Beary Bad Bear

Holla Board


MsPixelicious: sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

WickedStormKitty: your welcome :)

poisonize: Thanks for the invite Wicked x

Mor: Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning <3

wiing: Thanks for the invite Wicked :D!

ErictheBold: Good Morning All !!!!!!!!!

Nance: This is for a special, kind, generous, sweet, selfless, gentle person & friend!. TIDY-TY 4 EV...

WickedStormKitty: Please look at the new image posting rules in the sharing thread. Thanks bunches:)

Nance: Happy Holidays Everyone!!

WickedStormKitty: Welcome to the group lil!

ladyizabella: Welcome aboard!

lil: Hello, everyone. Just joined DC yesterday. I've been wanting to for a while ^_^

Darkxstarr: Trying to get some new ideas flowing here, i havent meshed in a while and i really should be :(

DrHippie: Email down again until I get laptop up and running :(

ladyizabella: Congratulations Tor! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crysue: Hey guys anyone on the devcredits support on ? i send a ticket in yesterday its bit urgent @.@

DrHippie: []

Tor: thankies for that your a lifesaver :)

BJTK: @Tor: Solved problem with German customer; message popup isn't working right now, lol

janniphers: Peeking in with hugs and smoochies...

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