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“This is the only active NASCAR group on imvu! But we are working on another one.”

How much do you like NASCAR? If you do then please join my group. We are not all Earnhardt fans, so you can join too. I do ask that you introduce yourself in the Intro Thread and tell us your driver.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: stbullwinkle
Category: Automotive
Date Formed: 2008-07-19 01:16:49
Members: 123

The Soapbox


Welcome to all NASCAR fans. This group is not just a Dale Earnhardt fan group... We are NASCAR fans first and foremost. Please feel free to participate in the chat threads and games we have (see the rules threads). Also, please introduce yourself in the Sticky called Members Introductions thread below, and let us know who your driver/s is/are and any other info you wish to share... Like when did you became a fan, or what is the one race you never miss, etc...

All New Members Please Click Here X <--- Yes there. B)

I found this out on the net. Read the description. I didn't know it happened that way.

Junior Johnson Once Put out a Fire in the Most Badass Way Possible
Richard Thompson, October 19, 2018


Active Members

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Holla Board


stbullwinkle: WT heck? They have cut the TV coverage of practices.

BreezyFury: hello all I have a nice room for all sport fans

NickExtremeMeNaps: Daytona Party sunday in the Hall of fame room hope you all can make it

stbullwinkle: I will not be hosting the Pick 3 Game this year. If someone wants to do it I will help you.

NickExtremeMeNaps: Get ready to race at The Glen Open now pull the strips tight lets go racing Boys and Girls*B)...

NickExtremeMeNaps: Opening the Nascar Hall Of fame Room Friday Night at 8

JazzieOne4U: Are we not playing this week? No Pick Three??? :(

WildEquineSpirit: Thx for invite to group.

MorgansRed: Thank you Sugah, I just wanted him to get fair treatment.. Oh His name is KEVIN...LOLLLLLLL

stbullwinkle: Oh, sorry I had not planned on doing it every week but I will get a Keivn pic for you. ;)

MorgansRed: Shame here it is Wed. and Harvicks winning Pic is not shown..:( Not my fault urs didn't win.

NookieAmore: Come join Nascar Group. We r all new at it this year. We always have fun. No cost.

stbullwinkle: 17 days until the Daytona 500

shadrackjuanes_41278276_retired_41278276: hi everyone .. 'im new .. looking forward to meeting everyone .. talking raceing.. shad fro...

stbullwinkle: Happy 2018! Daytona is only 47 days until the Daytona 500. B)

stbullwinkle: Merry Christmas to all of you. May your day be happy and filled with love!

stbullwinkle: There are just 90 days until the 2018 Daytona 500. (: P)

stbullwinkle: Note the Championship week schedule above.


JazzieOne4U: Congrats Jan.. and thank you for the happy birthday!!! (: P)

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