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“Merry Meet”

Merry Meet ~Are you a witch? Want to cast a spell?Come join us to learn and teach.~ We are a role play group as well as learning teaching group. Some of you may wish to rp and some may come here just to share knowledge. What ever brings you here and makes you happy, I am pleased to have you. As long as you respect your self and your brothers and sisters, we should all gain from joining together. Feel free to add each other as this will help us become more of a family. I have never had a group before so it may take time to get everything up to par. Do not hesitate to offer me advise. I am always open to this. If I make a mistake, do not be afraid to point it out to me. As I am still a fledgling student in the Craft , I will gladly welcome any help and advice you may wish to offer. I understand that not every one of us follows exactly the same path, so I will try to make my posts regarding casting , calling the corners , and certain other rituals very general. Remember this is just basic information, things may be different for you, and this is more then ok. For the role play portion of this Coven , we may make alliances. You have a voice regarding this. We may offer our services to other covens..however I do not condone black magic. I refuse to practice it , or contribute to it. Even in role play, I do not believe that magic is something to ' mess around with ' so please do not post anything other then information about this side of the Craft. Gray magic may be offered here. You need to know though, there is a certain Law of 3. Simply put what ever energy you send out into the universe , will come back to you 3 fold. Gray magic can come back to you in a powerful way. So, if there is a spell your not sure about, research it before you try it. Ask your brothers and sisters here for their advice and then ask yourself if it is for your personal gain? This is what I do. Feel free to open new threads. Please make sure there isnt a thread your subject may fit in before you open a new one.We don't want clutter. Officers will be promoted to keep an eye on such things. Blessed Be

Membership: Open
Group Owner: OnlyWonMia
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2008-03-05 08:13:48
Members: 153

The Soapbox

Welcome to Crystal Star Coven
If you have any questions please come to me or the Elders. We will be working on classes soon.

Seekers Bill of Rights

Seekers on the pagan path are in an extremely vulnerable position. In their quest for fellowship and teaching, they risk encountering those who use faith to prey on others. To empower the Seekers of our community, a Seeker's Bill of Rights has been drafted. This tool will help to alert Seekers of a problem if a group or teacher violates any of the ten rights described. It will also serve to remind Seekers that while they do not have "degrees", they are still human beings with rights and dignity. (Written by Charles Mars, Texas Local Council Member and 1999-2002 National CoG Board Member. used with permission)

I. The Right to Verify Credentials

Seekers shall not be obstructed from substantiating claims made by a teacher or group. In the case of Elders that were inspired to create a new tradition, the Seeker has the right to know the circumstances surrounding the inception of that tradition.

II. The Right to Anonymity

Seekers have the right to keep their involvement in the occult a secret to preserve their personal & professional lives.

III. The Right to Financial Stability

Seekers shall not be required or coerced into taking on any financial burdens on behalf of a teacher or group.

IV. The Right to Compensation for Professional Goods & Services

Seekers have the right to be paid for goods produced and/or skilled labor from which they would normally receive an income. Seekers shall not be required or coerced into providing discounts or "freebies" on behalf of a teacher or group.

V. The Right to Sexual Freedom

Seekers shall not be required or coerced into sexual relations with unwanted persons, nor shall Seekers be restricted from sexual relations with consenting adults.

VI. The Right to Physical Well-Being

Seekers shall not be required or coerced into submitting to any form of physical injury or abuse.

VII. The Right to Abide by te Law

Seekers shall not be required or coerced into committing any illegal act.

VIII. The Right to Consistency

Seekers have the right to expect consistency in policies by a teacher or group. Seekers should be formally informed in a timely manner of any policy changes.

IX. The Right to Separation with Impunity

Seekers have the right to discontinue association with any teacher or group without fear of harassment or reprisal.

X. The Right to be at Peace with One's Conscience

Seekers shall not be required or coerced into committing any action contrary to their own sense of ethics and morality.




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