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“Bigger IS better!”

Biggie Size Stamps! Prescription strength for the hard of seeing :P

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Tessleo
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2007-11-13 21:42:10
Members: 603

The Soapbox

BS Group Officers: Babs, Foxxena, Tessleo, Shellz

BS Bling:
Request bling here


Active Members

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BS Board


Tree: :)

Vanille: Hello, everyone.

FoxxenaCullen: Merry Christmas ! <3

Shellz: Merry Christmas !!!!!

Shellz: *~Cleaning up the group a bit, deleting OLD threads&More~*

rtmagical: Hi everyone..nice to see the group up and running..hugs

Tessleo: shellz is now the new owner of the group

Tessleo: nobody comes by the group anymore. If anyone wants to take over please feel free to take over.

Tessleo: ooSAMoo there is a thread down there, go have a look at all the different ones!

LadySamiPassion: have a great suday im new here where do i get a big stamp card from please? :/

Tessleo: hello right back at you! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shellz: Hello!!!!!!

Tessleo: calling all stamp devs - there's a contest at the iheart imvu stamp group! Check it out!

Tessleo: hi there vanille! Woot!

Vanille: Hello, loves. Just checking in on you guys.

Tessleo: new contest at the i heart imvu stamp group! Check it out! Woot!

Tessleo: hi shellz, how're you doing?

Shellz: Hi tess

Tessleo: congrats shellz!

Shellz: ^____^ I'ma mommy 2 B!

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