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“Look at the pretty colors!”

This is a group by artists for artists and art lovers. This is a forum for you to post your own art (for constructive criticism, friendly feedback, or just to have fun), to spotlight your favorite artists and find new ones, to comment on one anothers' work, and to chat with and enjoy other visually-oriented people! Above all, have fun, and welcome!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Silkspinner
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2007-11-23 16:04:48
Members: 63

The Soapbox

Announcement: Well, with me so busy with finals, I may not be able to give this group all the TLC it wants. Thus, like a proper slave-driver, I poked someone into doing it for me! ;)

The lovely and helpful Nightfahl is new officer of the group, so give her many kudos and, if you need anything, she may be quicker and more lucid on the response than I am!

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Holla Board


miamorox: lol :D YAY SILKY!

Nightfahl: ::wonders where our shiny new Grad is hiding::

Atradis: i need rehab from school i see alot of post since last time *doesnt remember so much*

Elliot: lol ok xD

miamorox: I know. I was only trying to be literal. I had just done an english test on things like that :P

Nightfahl: Silence can be extremely loud.

Elliot: I don't mean it that serious >.>.. it's just a kind of proverb

miamorox: This may not have occured to you, but silence cannot be loud, as it is the absence of sound.

Elliot: here's the silence so loud.....

miamorox: someone post... please? I miss you guys :(

Silkspinner: -raises hand- I do! x3

Nightfahl: You don't realize just how much time you spend on this site till it goes OUT lol

yd44: Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! =)

Silkspinner: Heya, Aleizterx...glad you like it, and welcome! I hope you have fun! :3

xAleizterx: Hello group. Looks like a good one. Laters

Atradis: ;_; im sorry i have been inactive, but i have school now and i wont be back till may 21st

Silkspinner: Happy New Year!

KangarooPrincess: HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEnn


Psylocke0_disabled_10722795: Merry Christmas everyone :D

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