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A Vampires Revenge

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group for all vampires,demons,wolves etc.a place for all to come and begin a new journey in peace,love and unity as one

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: FallenMiereAngel
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2008-06-15 17:54:10
Members: 33

The Soapbox

I Welcome All That Come Here As Part Of The Family From Our Allies,i welcome all from all other covens.We are a peaceful coven,but will protect our own fiercely if provoked into doing so.

King GATFrieze
Queen FallenMiereAngel
Queens Royal Son Raslar

Active Members

    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge Cass banner1 Cass Cassiopeia 2 Neo1471 Hellstrong missvvv Blue Wolf
    The Love Badge g3nn3vi3sANKH Bizzy Skull *AMA* Dark Angel *AMA* Vampire Certified Authentic Vampire
    Animal Lover Wildwolf Wilds Societal Rebel
    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge AramineRx Badge 4chan Darling Queen Autism Awareness ~Whats your Fetish?~ Wisdom of a Dragon by Saphira
    Devilishly Devious Devices sinderbugs fine wares & accoutrements ...embrace... MissVix Fry Code Geass Fan MV~ MissVix Sharkie Fin
    Rhyaine: Realm of Dhadamuli Clockwork Carrendar Dynasty Predator Ophiuchus Badge Wisdom of a Dragon by Saphira Shyla store

Holla Board


LordRaythRavenHeart: hello nighthawk and everyone else sorry for not being here but mother i do apologize but i'm...

EmperorKnightHawk: made it back good to be back hows ev1 see u all around

FallenMiereAngel: hope all is well.hope to be back soon....warm hugs to all

LordRaythRavenHeart: lovely as ever and laughs

LordRaythRavenHeart: will do mother giggles a little and hugs his mother and thank you motheryou and tings both look

FallenMiereAngel: SON!welcome back!yes,plz look after not here much anymore,least for

LordRaythRavenHeart: Mother if need be i will be glad to take care of things here while you are out so you need not wo...

GenRagnarFireHawk: Hello every one..Why so quiet ..

LordRaythRavenHeart: hello mother it is nice to see you again as well as you my love lol sorry if i have missed much

FallenMiereAngel: *bows*its an honor to be an alliance with your kingdon Gemini..Your Alliance is accepted here*bow...

Geminioftheblkdragon: The quest is posted at The House of the Black Dragons we are an allianace with this group

Geminioftheblkdragon: Greetings all i am King Gemini and i have an interactive quest for any one interested

GenRagnarFireHawk: Wow i have missed a lot since i have been gone....

MuteMuse: ~starts lighting fire crackers in the hallways~ COME ON THIS PLACE IS LIKE A GRAVEYARD!!

LordRaythRavenHeart: growls at gat

VriezerX_disabled_10933712: damn they grow up quick. only a month ago it was a baby.:)

LordRaythRavenHeart: tinqs my love i have been thinking and well i would like for you to be my mate(only on here lol)

LordRaythRavenHeart: to set an allaince with u k

LordRaythRavenHeart: oh and mother i am with the bloody roses and i know the leader of that group i will ask him......

LordRaythRavenHeart: also post on the threads that i have made but they don't whinch is reaally making me very up...

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