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“Welcome to 80's MISFITS The one stop place where you can come in and have a great time”

We are the 80s Misfits, tired of being bullied or banned from pubs for no reason, WE ARE TAKING OUR STAND, Time to be free and be yourself, SO COME JOIN OUR FAMILY OF MISFITS

Membership: Open
Group Owner: IsisAmor
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2015-07-18 09:43:50
Members: 76

The Soapbox


Active Members

    Epilepsy badge AEMA Harley Quinn..Love your perfume..What is that..Stench of Death?.. Brain Cramp Chibi Harley Quinn:3
    HB Designs Mood swing Butterfly - Right  Wing Butterfly - Left Wing  Drip Teddy bear Epilepsy badge CR blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:29:52 Love Me or Hate Me
    E3TETHAR Jerry Sound SHOP MY CATTY, I LOVE THE SUPPORT :) Alien Letters E1 Alien Letters I2 Alien Letters L1 Alien Letters V2
    AEMA Isis Creations Black Cat by Pikonera True Love HERE TO DEV by FreeSoul Visit My Shop by FreeSoul
    Chrome Letters K1 Chrome Letters O1 Chrome Letters T1 Chrome Letters C2 Chrome Letters S2 Chrome Letters T2 Chrome Expansion A1 Chrome Expansion D1 Chrome Expansion J1 Chrome Expansion T2
    Shared Rooms Badge I was loved  {2 of 4} I was loved {4 of 4} Cat Nose loves You. !ElleinesLove M & M Green
    Silky Letters - Y Silky Letters   M Silky Letters   S Silky Letters    T ~ Rose (R) ~ 38RB - I Love You blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:37:33
    AEMA Isis Creations Heartbeat ANIM Neon Love Heartbeat ANIM 2 BE MINE! Forever& Always
    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge OzziBadge 1 Sturgis 1 I Love You Bubble Tonight were gonna party like its 2019! Thanks for another great year of badges on IMVU from MCB Visit my shop, please. OliviaDeSade
    Alien Letters A1 Alien Letters M1 Alien Letters Y1 5Black 6Black BADAZZ
    HQAmor Epilepsy badge Whales Cracker *Unholy Designers* Rainbow Tri Melting Lick me ;] Neon Martini 4 NeveahJadeMystique

Holla Board


XxXDjKatValentineXxX: TY for the invite and the warm welcome

HunterRaven: thanks for the invite :)

AmyWickedBadazz: thanks for letting me part of such a awesome group :)

LadyMysticABane: Thanks for the invite :)

MrsFireWayaCRose: TY for the invite and the warm welcome :)

AviNeritAmor: holla bow baller!!!!!

DgtlDiva: *TARZAN YELL* hehe ... thanks for the invite :)

Joroin: Thankies for the invite <3 :3


BATCHX: yall so lucky i jioned im the angel gotta love me lol

xXlSusieQlXx: just joined becuz my hubby is a member...cant wait to meet everyone :) woo!

RaazSilverThorn: woohoo another crazy house to party in and hi everyone

1PERFECTPLEASURE4U2: Thank u so very much, i got a home away from ome now...

DanteAmour: Thank You for the add Isis. :)

IDeadlyWraithI: wooohoo a place to call home,watch out Pub you will fall muhahaha...

Caelista_disabled_104595765: Yay! TY for the invite! :D

BlazeSilverWolf: woohoo this is awesome im happy to be part of the family

CheyEvilHeart: tysvm for the invite sis

IDeadlyWraithI: YAY!!!! our own stuffs

TrishSuperKaaa: Thank's for the invite:) Pleasure to accept. !!!

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