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“For the Love of Art & Creativity”

Art auctions/Premades and more! For Meshes, files sales please visit my website.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: Vickyfab
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2012-10-26 13:12:13
Members: 1081

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Holla Board


WillowSass: Thanks Vicky!!!! <3

WickedfLife_disabled_95026482: thank you for invite

HEmprsCortanaDragoni: ty for the invite. :)

T0X: Thanks For Invite! :D

Sorceress: Thank you for inviting me! :D

Vickyfab: welcome all ♥

GiaGwen: Ty VickyFab for the invite :)

OxMysticalMadieOx: Thank You for the Invite :)

Vickyfab: welcome all do not miss out the offers i have for layouts and art ♥♥♥

IxRyukxI: Thank you for the invite♥

IxRyukxI: Thank you for the invite♥

Slitias: thank for the invite :)

KORUPTABLY: Thank you for the invite Vicky :)

oAliirAo: thank you for invite :)

AnnaLee: Thank you for inviting me! 😊

Vickyfab: welcome hun x

Krammefyr: Ty for the invite Vickyfab :)

Vickyfab: new valentine dps check them out x

Vickyfab: special offers for limited time for my premades check them out <3

Vickyfab: new fantasy auction Cheetara :)

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