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Photoshop template files
Hi everyone. Clicking on a link below will download the photoshop layers file (PSD) that was made for a given product. The names of the files use the actual in-house naming convention for IMVU texture assets plus the addition of the CFL product number the PSD was used for. Although the names are on the long side, our hope is that this naming format will make the files easy to find while also making it more clear as to what product they are for.

Over the course of the next few months, IMVU will be moving to a texture template delivery system that is easier to understand. You may have noticed that some IMVU product description pages include texture downloads. The textures you download from, say, the main IMVU skin product pages are the ones used for that particular skin product. So, in a few months, you will be able to find texture downloads on all of IMVU's primary products.
Female and Male
Long sleeve button down - PIDs 12108 and 12310
Furniture - used on a LOT of IMVU Furniture products.