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A bumping beachhouse club to usher in the spring!
Invite people to your exclusive Club Zero, a dance club set on the beach with plenty of dancing and other cool activities for you and your friends. Club Zero includes:
  • 3 dance platforms, a DJ booth, and electric palms to climb
  • An area to cool off and sip fancy drinks, to make sure you don't overheat
  • An outdoor tropical juice bar, with tables, reclining sun chairs, and a pool and fountain to enjoy
  • A beach with towels to lounge on, ocean floaties to use, and a hot air balloon HoverClub featuring a full dance floor that lifts off at your leisure!
  • A floating platform in the ocean which you can visit, just in case you don't get enough dancing in
  • A lifeguard station, to help keep watch for any dangers out in the water (mostly, just bad dancers!)

Trigger Words
HoverClub: 'takeoff' and 'landing'
Lifeguard Station: 'shup' opens shutters, 'shdown' closes them

Furniture/Room Details

Club Zero

Chaise Set

Pool Bar

Pool Umbrella Set

Lifeguard Station

Dance Platform

Main Bar

Club Table

Lounge Set

DJ System

Dance Pair

Electric Palm

Club Sign

Club Beachtowel

Club Floatie

Face 2 Face Set

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