Get Ready, Get Set, Get Morphed!
Earthly avatars, beware! The Attack of the Invading Morphoids has begun, and your presence is requested in this battle to reclaim the world. Watch as ordinary objects come to life through the power of supernatural beings known as Morphoids. Use these altered objects to help win the ensuing war, but be careful, as some things have a life of their own!
  • Change into a female or male Morphoid avatar to impress your friends or strike fear in your enemies!
  • Launch the transformable shuttle! It opens up so that you can sneak in and plot your next attack, and then closes when you're ready to fly into battle.
  • Hover and fly the animated helicopter; hang on for dear life as it flies through the skies and hovers through the city.
  • Drive and fire the animated war tank, turning the war tank's cannon left and right.
  • Control a morphing water fountain, which changes upon your command into a cannon ready for war.
  • Take heed of the naughty chair, which will grab you and toss you from side to side in a very amusing way.
  • Transform the suitcase into a hover board, and float effortlessly above the ground.

Animation Triggers
Hoverboard: fly
Fountain Cannon: ffire
Helicopter: doorsopen, doorsclose, hhover, hfly
War Tank: tgo, tfire, noseleft, noseright
Animated Sports Car: *drive, *roof, *fire, *reset
Transformable Shuttle: open, close, launch, reset
NOTE: The triggers open and close ONLY work if the avatar is NOT sitting/on a node on the shuttle. They must be somewhere near it.

Furniture/Room Details

Transformable Shuttle


Grenade Launcher

Special Forces Female Belt

Special Forces Male Belt

Naughty Sofa

Stone Flower Bed

Palm Tree

Animated Bench

Mini Machine Gun

Fountain Cannon

Tranzmorpher Female

Tranzmorpher Male

Animated Helicopter

Animated War Tank

Star Flower

Lily of the Valley Flower

Antherium Flower

City of LA

Standing Spot

Animated Sports Car
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