Find yourself immersed in a fairytale fantasy!

Journey to the magical land of Hivernia and help your special friend escape from the cold clutches of the Ice Queen!  Win her “Game of Eternity” and unfreeze his heart.  Are you prepared for an interactive game of CHANCE?!

Bundle Features and Activities:
  • Ride on top an ice dragon to view the enchanting land of Hivernia!
  • Explore the queen's secret cavern and find out what treasures are hidden inside.
  • Cuddle up and keep warm on a romantic boat ride.
  • Admire the snowflakes as they gently fall into your hands.
  • Enjoy an interactive board game with real rolling dice!
Game Rules:
  • Start each game by sitting in the chairs (note: this will load your dice in the upper left corner of the screen).
  • Roll the dice by clicking the green button.
  • Begin from the "Start" square, and then follow the instructions from each unique square.
  • The first player to cross over the finish line wins! Enjoy!
There’s no time to waste!  Travel to the land of Hivernia immediately before your friend starts melting away!  The Game of Eternity rules can be found here: Game Rules.
Furniture and Item Details

Snowflake Tree

Crystal Ice Tree

Ice Tree

Snow Tree

Dream Boat

** Ice (Q)uore

Game Of Eternity

Iced Mistletoe

Dragon Of Eternal Ice

Cracked Mirror

Hivernia Raven

Snowflake Throw Pose

Hivernia Horse Sleigh

Frozen Quartz

Frozen Quartz Throne

Land Of Hivernia

Snowflake Particles

Iced Mistletoe Bush
** Trigger Words:
Ice (Q)uore - Pulse
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