Get cozy and experience the serenity...
Relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Serenity Apartment! It�s a spectacular modern living space with beautiful city views. This high end residence includes plenty of romantic poses for when you want to smooch and cuddle, as well as friendly poses when you just want to hang out and relax with friends. This passion pack includes all these essential amenities:
  • Gorgeous apartment with 5 rooms.
  • Full kitchen with bar stools and dining table set.
  • Cozy living room with a stunning lounge set and bar counter.
  • Fireplace with many relaxing poses.
  • Full bathroom with hot tub and massage table.
  • A home office--perfect for when it's �get down to business� time.
  • A completed master bedroom with closet, vanity, and a king size bed.
  • Amazing views of night city.

Get cozy and experience the Serenity Apartment today!

Furniture and Item Details (Created by xxunforgottenxx)
23Poses Love Bed3
Cozy Apartment
10Poses Office Desk
Romantic Dresser
Passion Bar
Passion Lounge
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