Visit Planet Z Resort for a vacation that�s out of this world!
Come relax under the glowing white palms of Planet Z.  No reservation required!  This out-of-this-world Resort comes with 15 matching spacey items including:
  • 4 colorful rubber floaters for the pool or the beach.
  • A doughnut floater with enough nodes for all your friends.
  • A custom made Water Jumpy.
  • Rubber Ducky floater that loves giving rides.
  • A stellar dance floor with animated lights and great dance spots.
  • Hovering dance pads - everyone has one of these at Planet Z!
  • An animated pillow so you can relax anywhere, anytime!
  • Group couches and tables, placed around the resort for your convenience.
  • Soothing optic lights to set the perfect mood.
  • Purple Moon Seat with playful poses.
  • Cozy Marshmallow Seats that you can�t say no to!
  • Palm Tree Swing, because that�s the way partiers here swing!
Furniture and Item Details

Water Jumpy

Ultimate Dance Floor

Ultimate Pillow

Planet Z Resort

Planet Z Couch

Marshmallow Seat

Purple Moon Seat

Animated Optic Light

Rubber Floater Purple

Rubber Floater Red

Rubber Floater Green

Rubber Floater Blue

Palm Tree Swing

Rubber Doughnut

Rubber Duckie Float

Hover Dance Pad
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