The Mummy's Tomb
A Mystery awaits you in the Valley of Kings. Enter the Mummy’s Tomb and discover all the secrets buried there…
  • Bathe in the refreshing oasis waters (before the camels get to it!)
  • Brave the wrath of Anubis as you sneak into the Mummy’s tomb
  • Get out of the hot sun and crawl into the shade, where you can enjoy the highly detailed palms and desert surroundings
  • Discover the pyramid, pillars, and the tomb of the ancients
  • Grab your favorite furniture, bring your friends, hop on a camel, and start your own desert adventure!
Get 16 desert-themed items and 20,000 credits for one low, low price!  Find music and outfits to enhance your fantasy!
Furniture / Item Details

Desert Oasis

Desert oasis pyramid

Desert Oasis pillars

Desert oasis pillar

Desert oasis tomb

Desert trees (unit 1)

Desert trees (unit 3)

Desert trees (unit 4)

Desert rocks (unit 5)

Desert trees (unit 6)

Desert trees (unit 2)

Desert standing spot

Desert Mummy 2

Desert Mummy 3

Desert Mummy 4

Desert Mummy 5
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