Golden Royal Court

From ages past awaits thee, a Golden life of Royalty...

  • All is not gold that glitters in the Royal Treasure Trunk.
  • Make your royal court fit for a king with some well matched and elegant furniture, including the Royal Round Table, the Animated Armillary, the Chest of Drawers, the Royal Gothic Desk, and much more!
  • Relax in those quiet moments with a good book and sit on the edge of your seat as you turn each page of your riveting novel.
  • Proudly display thy noble family's Coat of Arms on the walls of the royal court.
  • Bring light to your royal abode with an extravagant set of Gothic candles.
  • Behold the Rapier Sword; just as King Arthur wouldn't have been the King of Camelot without his trusty Excalibur, so you cannot rule your Golden Royal Court without your trusty Rapier Sword.
  • Command thy servants to kneel and bow as they readily do thy biding.
  • Keep warm throughout the cold winter months with the Golden Regal Fireplace.
  • Get fitted with your regal apparel in the Royalty Dressing Area.
  • Seat thyself in the Royal Thrones; the only seats in the house truly fit for his and her majesty!
  • Bedeck the Gothic Banquet Table with plenty of food and libations when celebration is afoot.
  • Whisk your lovely queen away with a romantic waltz across your court!

Furniture/Room Details

Golden Royal Chambers

DD~Royal TreasureTrunk

Sync Round Table 1

DD~Reading Stool (Ani)

BA Coat of Arms

BA Gothic Candlestand

BA Gold Pillar Candle

DD~Accolade Pose

Rapier Sword

BA Gold Wall Sconce

DD~Regal Kneeling Pose

DD~Regal Receiving Rug

DD~Animated Armillary

Knight Statue

Golden Regal Fireplace

Chest of Drawers

Royal Drapes

Royal Thrones

BA Gothic Banquet Table

BA Gothic Chair

Reading Rug

Royal Dressing Area

BA Royal Gothic Desk

DD~Regal Bed

[AS1] Waltz

Regal Seating Group

Regal Cabinet

[AS1] Pillow Salon

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