Relax and experience tranquility with this Oriental bundle! Stroll down the glossy halls of this Asian-inspired interior. Explore the zen gardens and fountains lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees, dance platforms atop of a turquoise pool strewn with lotuses and lilies, ebony tea tables and massage boards, and beautiful, large sumi-e paintings. Have a comfortable conversation with a friend on a lacquered lounge set, practice meditating on a lotus pad, or sip tea as you enjoy the serenity around you.
Product created by MishieDesire
[MS] Oriental Palace
[MS] Tea House
[MS] Zen Meditation
[MS] Japanese
[MS] Zen Table
[MS] Zen Massage
[MS] Zen Bench
[MS] Zen Dance
[MS] Sexy Dance
[MS] Sexy Dance2
[MS] Kadomatsu Zen
[MS] Oriental Lantern
[MS] Zen Couch
[MS] Sushi Table
[MS] Zen Lantern
[MS] Zen Lily Pad
[MS] Zen Lotus
[MS] Zen Dresser
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