Beach Villa (Created by xxunforgottenxx)

Ever wanted to escape to your own private island getaway? The Beach Villa is just what you're looking for! Located on a cozy tropical island in the middle of the serene ocean, this place is an exclusive paradise for you and your special someone to just relax and have some fun in the sun! The Beach Villa includes all these luxurious amenities and much much more...

  • Sit down for a delectable dinner at the 10 poses dining table.
  • Add some spice to your life with a kitchen that contains
    22 romantic poses!
  • Do some couch surfing with the Entertainment Center after a long day at the beach.
  • Get cuddly with your special someone with the snuggle couches.

Enjoy your stay in paradise at the Beach Villa!


Furniture and Room Details

10 Poses Dining Table

22Poses Romantic Kitchen

Entertainment Center4

Snuggle Couch

Snuggle Couch

Beach Villa

Cuddle Lounge

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