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It's OK to bug your friends here!
Bug World brings small things to life in a big way! Live in a two-story mushroom house. Get a lift on a ladybug, or take a ride on a grasshopper, butterfly, frog, bumblebee or snail. Bug World comes with 16 matching buggy items, tons of animations, and lots of fun things to do:
  • Mushroom acrobatics, including bouncing from mushroom to mushroom
  • Wild rides down the creek atop a wild mushroom
  • Your very own bee hive, where you can hang out and load up on honey
  • Your own mushroom house! Rope slide from floor to floor
  • Cute couple poses throughout
  • 2 Bamboo bridges with poses
  • Fun critters you can ride on!
  • A bright yellow banana in the creek that 3 can run on
  • A Flower Shower.take a relaxing bath in magnolia water
  • The Bug Spa: hang out with all your buggy friends
  • Toadstool, who lives in Bug World, and is anxious to be your friend!
  • Sunflower chairs and a lilypad rug to decorate your cozy mushroom house
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