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New to the IMVU forums or learning to post for Tier Levels?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:03 am    Post subject: New to the IMVU forums or learning to post for Tier Levels? Reply with quote

Welcome to the IMVU forums! The IMVU forums are a great feature provided by IMVU that allows users to find additional help, keep up with current features, discuss issues, topics and help raise tier levels.

The IMVU forums are user help user based which means users post to each other for help and discussion. Users cannot help with account related issues such as billing, account breaches and so forth. If we need immediate help from IMVU we can file a help ticket using the help center: Here. Also note, the forums have rules that users need to read before posting: Here.


Spamming threads and posts

1. What is spamming?

Spamming is creating unwanted or unneeded posts or threads that disrupt the forums and make finding useful information harder. Here are some examples of unnecessary/spammy posts and threads:

A. Posting to older threads that no longer require an answer or are no longer relevant (feature that has been out for a while or an issue that has been resolved)

B. Posting to more than one thread to add only emotion cons or a single phrase: “thank you”, I agree, that’s nice etc.

C. Posting to repeat what another user has already said, posting the same advice that has already been given or re-posting what is already there

D. Posting to quote another user without adding anything to it

E. Posting to multiple threads for no reason, posting nonsense, posting off topic comments as well as trolling others

F. Creating new threads before checking to see if there is already a thread on the topic using the forum search feature or by simply reading the first two pages of a forum to see if the topic of interest is being discussed already

G. Posting ads, links, asking for credits or products or any other form of advertising or by creating our own threads to push ads


2. Why is spamming a problem?

Spamming pushes up threads that no longer need help or advice keeping others from being helped and getting to the information they should be reading. Pushing up threads disrupts the forums in general because user can’t find current info. Users do not want or need advertisements forced on them as well. It upsets users when we spam the IMVU forums and is against the forum rules. Users report spam posts and threads to IMVU Forum Moderators.


3. How do we avoid spamming?

A. The IMVU forums have a search feature. We can look for help topics by typing our problem into the search box. The search feature is a great tool to find help! Once we find a thread there is no reason to post unless it did not answer our question in full. The forums are not just for creating new posts and threads it’s also filled with answers that we can read. Reading is an important part of using public forums

B. Be sure to scan the first two pages of a forum before creating new threads. There is no reason to duplicate a topic if one is already there. Read the thread to find answers first. If we have more information or can add new information to the thread we are free to post

C. We can also join in any topic on the first two pages. The forums are not just to help others it’s also for sharing ideas and discussing topics. If we post to join in, we should stay on topic and be polite

D. We can also create our own thread if there is a topic we would like to discuss or need help that is not already being discussed


4. How do we post for Tier Levels (Content Creators Only)?

Content Creators have three months to post for tiers which is calculated at the start of each month. IMVU added posting for those that enjoy using the forums to help others, create tutorials, find creating help and discuss creator related issues. IMVU did not intend for their forums to be disrupted over tier scores. We cannot post all in one day hoping to reach a better score. We post over three months and we must actually fit in and learn to post in an effective manner to avoid disrupting others.

IMVU posts information to creators using the forums so it’s important that all creators check into the forums not just for tiers but to keep up to date on all issues, bugs and current creator topics. IMVU also added posting to tiers to teach creators where the forums are to keep creators up to date.

The only forums that count for tiers are the Creator Forums listed below:

Creator General Discussion

5. What happens if we spam?

IMVU Forum Moderators check all forums to make sure they are running smoothly. When a Moderator finds spam posts or users report spam posts they remove the posts and contact the user who is spamming. Creators posting to raise their tier levels by spamming will be unsuccessful as the removed posts do not count towards tiers. Spamming posts or threads does not count for tier levels. Spamming in general is handled the same way, forum moderators remove the posts and contact the user.

If we continue to spam and disrupt the IMVU forums warnings are sent that lead to forum suspensions so it’s important that all users respect each other and avoid disrupting the forums for the rest of us. Likewise users are not IMVU Forum Moderators and should leave other posters alone and contact Moderators if there is a problem to avoid being warned for baiting and trolling other users.

6. How do we know where to post?

Each forum section explains what it is for. We can scan each forum section, read and then enter the forum that best fits what we are looking for. The common solution forum goes over the most common user issues and is filled with new forum users tips, tricks and info: Here


7. What do we do if we have questions about the forums and how the forums work?

All users can contact IMVU forum moderators which are listed at the top of each forum section via forum messaging or homepage messaging for forum related concerns. If you need a thread or post reviewed please provide the link. Forum moderators are there to guide, help and teach as needed. No question is too small or too large. IMVU wants all users to feel comfortable using the forums and to find general user to user help easily. Forum moderators are trained so they know all of the rules, where to post and to guide as needed. Feel free to reach out to forum moderators at any time. Likewise if we feel there is a problem in a specific forum, thread or post we can report it to forum moderators who will in turn check into the issue.
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