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Shoutout Guidelines

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:46 pm    Post subject: Shoutout Guidelines Reply with quote


Shoutouts are intended to be used by anyone in the IMVU community to send friendly messages to one another and to allow developers to advertise their items or get contests going. They are not meant to be used in order to make contentious or inflammatory statements, to criticize others, to voice opinions or complaints, or to provoke argumentative responses*


Shoutouts must be appropriate for a general audience (age 13 and up). All Shoutouts will be screened for violations of IMVU's Term of Service (TOS) as well as for inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to the following:

1) Inappropriate, crude, or profane language

2) Inappropriate sexual innuendo or solicitation, fetish references, blatent "hooking up" requests

3) Proselytizing (religious solicitation)

4) Complaints, criticism, contentious opinion, negative labeling, gossip, insinuation, accusatory statements, hearsay, etc
We do want to hear from you, but there might be a better place to voice your thoughts. If you have questions, complaints, critiques, opinions, concerns, or issues to discuss, a much better place to do so would be in the Forums. Because the structure of the Forums allows a person to follow all trains of thought, to understand the context of the discussion, and to engage in a truly Socratic dialogue, the Forums are where you should voice any concerns that would invariably beg a response (...and ShoutOut’s should be used to send simple friendly messages which wouldn’t).
*NOTE: Please remember, the IMVU Forums also has a code of conduct for posting. Click here to review IMVU's Guidelines for Posting to the Forums

5) Statements that would provoke an argumentative response

6) Anything that contains links that are incomplete or broken

7) Any linked URLs to offsite addresses. **
Registered Resellers may include links to non-IMVU sites on your own home-page, and you can include the name of your website in your Shoutout, but you cannot link to an offsite location directly from a Shoutout. All links on your own home-page must still be compliant with IMVU's TOS.

8 ) Any advertising for IMVU products (including credits and catalog items) that appears to be anti-competitive (ie, telling people to shop elsewhere).

9) Announcements for contests or for reward opportunities that appear to be scams (ie, promising rewards when you have none to give; promising people gifts or credits when you do not have sufficient funds to support this claim, etc) or that otherwise violate IMVU's TOS.
**NOTE: If you promise a "credits" reward for a contest, you must have those credits available in your account at the time of the Shoutout posting

10) Promotions or contests where a purchase is required in order to receive a prize or reward (ie: "the 100th person to buy one of my products gets 1,000 credits").
**NOTE: granting prizes where NO purchase is required is fine (ie: "The 100th person to leave me a message gets an item from their wish list", etc), so long as it doesn't violate rule #9.

11) Chain mail or spam

12) Misrepresenting yourself or others in your message (some call this "posing")

13) Messages revealing any personally identifying information about yourself that would allow someone to contact you outside of IMVU, or messages encouraging such contact.

14) Anything written in gibberish (ie: using random, non-sensical lettering)


Go here to buy a shoutout and simply follow the directions given.

Simply click on the Terms of Service link at the bottom of any IMU webpage.

Follow this link.

Follow this link.

[Updated June 21, 2012 ~ Min]
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