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Get Matched - Enhancements available in 516.8 and up
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:08 am    Post subject: Re: Getting Macthed Reply with quote

Guest_GirlieJess wrote:
Nastya wrote:
Bdazzle wrote:
Bdazzle Comment:
Im HAPPILY MARRIED why does imvu allow this feature for those who purchased the married token? confused i thought imvu wanted to have those married couples around..but yet their still offering getting MACTHED to married imvu couples who wont need this feature its quite annoying..tbh i will NOT be using it at all cuz i have found my true love among alot of married couples..but it think its gud for the singles who are seeking to be macthed but not for the married couples who love each other who will NOT be seekling another relationship..its a confusing feature..or wat imvu can do is change it to only available singles not for thos who have purchased and have up their marrieg badge on the profiles..if u take it off then the feature would should become available to you ..thats the way i feel it should be work in my own opinion and not jus everyone and anyone all over cuz why do we have married badges for then????

DylanTalyessin Comment:
Why do people have a meltdown when one small thing is no to their liking? So you are in a relationship and married; IMVU has more important tasks than to cater to individual needs when all you need to do is ignore what ever is annoying you. I am having a wee bit of troubles understanding why you are so upset wi' MATCH. I do no use it; I opted out and do no even think of it. I do no mean any disrespect, however, I am no quite certain what you are fussing over.

@DylanTalyessin My Response to you:
I have Bigger issue that you seem to forget that its a free world and ppl are entittled to their own opionion last time i chked... I'm NOT fussing..Im expressing my Opionion in wat i think of it..Im happily married not just in any relationship..Im sayin imvu should allow a feature button or click in where married couples or those who have the married badge to not have access to it as stated below maybe in the future they can enchance or upgrade this macth thingy..cuz i do not agree with it being available to married couples..cuz ok they wants you to be married but then they offering handouts for ppl to look at new ppl or CHEAT.. Now I agree cheating or being unfaithful is totally an option for everyone and that has nohing to do with imvu...but to me all im sayin is there should have been something where u can turn this feature off for (married couples) not offered to those with active married badges..not that it shouldnt exist..cuz im sure alot of singles or ppl who wanna meet new friends would enjoy this new feature to imvu where as some wont its a give n take thingy...its quite confusing and im NOT FUSSING either its me simply expressing my own opionion its a free world woman..ppl will express wat they feel u cant get annoyed or w.e. cuz im expressing my opionion or feedback on a imvu game feature u have to understand alot of ppl will not agree or like this so they will say what they feel n think and you cant jump in like that n say you dont understand why?;o....smh@u... so if you ant got nothing nice to say to say DONT say it at all..if u dont choose to understand no1 asks you to comment on it ty

I feel sorry for your other half... Poor person cannot meet and find new friends because they are married... If you're so happily married then you shouldn't care. Other people are married too, but it doesn't mean they don't want or cannot meet new people and I'm sure married people who likes to cheat, can cheat on their other half without the Get Matched feature. There is many other ways to do that for example: They can randomly add other users, they can also have their other half on other chatting web sites and you won't even know it.

I feel sorry for the person's other half as well. If your that happily married then why not want to find new people to hang with. Its one thing when a feature lacks very important things like how about adding filters for the LGBT...or Bi/Tri-Gender. But completely another thing when you want a feature to be taken down cuz you dont like it. If you dont like it...then opt out or ignore it. But dont ruin it for everyone else who does enjoy using it.

Bi/Tri-Gender ? seriously? things are complicated enough let alone to have this complicate things even more

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