• What is 'Everyone'?
    'Everyone' is a new addition to Pulse that lets you decide who to reach out to within the IMVU community. All IMVU users will be presented with this as their default view when accessing Pulse.
  • What is the difference between the 'Everyone' and 'Friends'?
    Messages appearing under 'Everyone' can be viewed by the entire IMVU community while those appearing under 'Friends' can only be viewed by your friends.
  • Can I specify what 'Everyone' means to me?
    Yes, of course. Click on the [Modify] link to change your preferences. You can choose to see Pulse updates and comments based on Age, Gender, and Location.
  • I want to share my updates only with people I know (Friends) and not with the entire community (Everyone). How do I opt out?
    Go to 'Account' in the header section of the website. Under 'privacy settings,' look for 'Pulse settings' and un-check the box next to 'Show my Pulse updates to 'Everyone.'
  • Who can see my Pulse updates?
    Your IMVU Friends can always view your updates. People who are not your Friends can only see your updates if you have the 'Everyone' option enabled. Occasionally, you will see comments on Friend's updates that are made by a non-Friend.
  • How do I view Pulse updates made just by me?
    To view updates made by you, click on the 'View My Pulse Updates' link located in the top right -hand side of your Pulse feed.