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if u love anime school and wana be in one then u can join this one if u want no bitching and any one can join

Membership: Open
Group Owner: xXxLordOrochimaruxXx
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2009-07-21 21:23:01
Members: 13

The Soapbox

half of the students:
Students that go here:
Saki Inuzuka
Ami Izashio
Saika Akida
Juurii Kawasaki
1: Once u join the the post if u don't do the post ill kick u out group
2: Don't Bitch at anyone
3: No Spamming
4: Respect the Co Owners
5: Invite people to our School
Kiomi Kizumi ( principal )

Active Members

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    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge Thank you from [xS9x]
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Holla Board


Xiphur: o,o yohoi..~

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: bf confussing .-. idk if he will pos or not

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: ok .-.

IchijoujiYami: I CALL GYM TEACHER!!! XD

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: invite people over please ^_^

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: now that sounds awsome and fun :D

TsunamiNyx: maybe...or we could just play the teachers our selfs randomly x3

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: have teachers here .-.

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: i send them ( pengwin ) and the gf mf girls the message :/ damnand do u think we sould...

XOXClariXOX: Ewoo..!! *o*

IchijoujiYami: its fine... no need to apologize

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: right sorry ^_^"

IchijoujiYami: orochi... it would be more effective if you sent private messages to them...

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: Clari , gfmfghf , pengwin , and Dulsevero please reguest :/ or eals ima kick u out >...

IchijoujiYami: Oo this group is quiet... not again... BE ACTIVE PEOPLE

IchijoujiYami: Thanks ^^

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: shure ^_^

IchijoujiYami: you mind if i make a few threads? a boys dorm, and a few rooms in the art wing of the school?

IchijoujiYami: any... things you want followed basically... like you have in the soap box :P

xXxLordOrochimaruxXx: like wha kinda rules o.o

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