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“Hello my family and Fans”

Hi. People who really like, care and love me who i am like they are my fan and I don't mind if you wanna me to be your family-only like brother, father, son, husband, boy-friend, owner or friend in IMVU. And meet some of you with my other family to become new friends so we can chat and share with fun, lovely and anything. I will be happy to be true friends with you in Real-life. (^_^) *Hug*

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: sonicGA_disabled_1937939
Category: Family & Home
Date Formed: 2007-10-09 19:11:32
Members: 56

Active Members

    True Love V~ O~ L
    razi Alucinad4 Supernova :::The Key ::: eViiLiCiOuz-VHD Goldilocks JIGSAW PUPPET USA Dogtags Tainted

Holla Board


LadyGweneviereChaos: I have been ill, and more so the last couple days. I will be back full force as soon as I can

LadyGweneviereChaos: *I smile warmly*Thank you sweetie.

sonicGA_disabled_1937939: yvw, dear ladyGwen. we are family... *hug*

LadyGweneviereChaos: Greetings all. Thank you for the invite Sonic hun.*hugs*Good to be here.

sonicGA_disabled_1937939: your very welcome, sis goth. (^///^) *Blushing*

gothindianprinses: whaahh ^^ thx for the invite brother x)

AymhaR: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

JasAlves: did you invite me sonic??? i got an invite :s well here i am :D love you bro

Guest_Bunniesweeties_25046615_retired_25046615: Hi,friend thank youfor invite,i'm love it here:)

BlackOrkhid: yes....but you also need to stand on your own two feet!!!

BlackOrkhid: Plz look after my son..hes beautiful !!!!!!

BlackOrkhid: Hey son sonic....hope my daughterinlaw is good to u...kisses dark/darth

sonicGA_disabled_1937939: I had put you as officers here, mother-Orkhid.

sonicGA_disabled_1937939: your welcome an thank you. you are sweet and beautiful too, dear LadyKiwi78 sister. (^_^)

LadyKiwi78_disabled_7192659: Thk you for the invite Sonic your so sweet huni!!

BlackOrkhid: probs sonic..glad too!!

sonicGA_disabled_1937939: Your very welcome. Can I be you son in imvu, mummy Orkhid?

BlackOrkhid: Awwwww such a sweet family.thankyou for the invite :)

Yue: BIG BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUNNIGIPSY: hi everyone

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