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Welcome to My Badges please do share your badges badges for sell for trade or just free help to connect all badges creator in one place

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Date Formed: 2009-06-03 13:14:18
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    Moody heart romance orange golden heart Happily Taken Alphabet Badge ~I~ Alphabet Badge ~N~ Alphabet Badge ~O~ 2 Alphabet Badge ~T~ 2
    DJMaRaDaH The fleur-de-lis 9-11-01: Never Forget DeviantArt DareDevil Happily Taken
    Fitted Badge v1  K KISS  I Kiss  S Kiss 1  S KISS 2 My one and only
    IMVU Gold Pass Badge Inescia My Cell Phone Badge Me Triangle keep calm its only imvu (IZ) Support Inescia -o.O- Badge Collector -O.o- Keep Calm and Badge Me Badge
    Taken: Key To My Heart Infinite Love Forever You & Me Forever Family Eli & Boo Night Howlers
    Structure of THE Pastel Violin 80sGenPub*Officer* 80sGenPub~Officer~
    lollie Reach for the Sky purpleflutterfly Exclusive Purple flower
    Web dDB Kitten Skull Candy Spooky flight Badges 2 Ahoy Anchor! Happy Halloween Black Widow Violet Witches Hat Fall Cake Pop
    Cat Lover Chocolate icecream Cone Web Creepy Pumpkins.. Spooktacular Halloween! Pumpkin Jack
    mystey2 GROUP BADGE 2 15k
    Sailor Chibi Moon .. SailorMoon I support Minuet Cupcakeee rose antlers Spiral heart pt 1 Spiral heart pt 2
    I Crave You I Crave You pt. 2 Forgive Opposites Attract Angel Opposites Attract Devil Just Dirty..;)..

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