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Welcome to My Badges please do share your badges badges for sell for trade or just free help to connect all badges creator in one place

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Date Formed: 2009-06-03 13:14:18
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    ALWAYS KEEP FAITH TeamVirgin MCB VIP Fox Production and Creations Indian Love "Legendz Southwest Best Music Fox
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 4 Badge Proud Developer ilovedemand PBB Shop me N o r i a
    Canadian A~ H~ R ~ S~ A 2~
    Sammi Real 5 Sammi Real 4 Sammi Real 3 Sammi Real 2 Sammi Real 1
    Q E N 38RB - Alphabet - E (E) JadeSiani leter R Arcane_E Arcane_P Arcane_T Arcane_U
    ............... The Note Music Note <3 Love my tunes! I Liek The Muzik music I love my Kids Shop me I heart Music
    Warrior Bond 1 Bond 2 Kajira 1 Kajira 2 SecondLife Blue Dina Red Dina Green Dina Danii
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 5 Badge Inescia ~My Animated Phone~ Inescia ~My Animated Her Inescia ~My Animated Him Inescia ~My Animated Inescia Tag Badge Inescia ~Animated Phone~
    Money Stack Cash ..VENDETTA..
    "REAL LOVE" by VaMpI ~ ..I LoVe My Hubby.. ~ H E A R T   II ! AngelXuria1 AngelXuria2 Changing badge My Heart Beats For Him
    DeviantArt Darkside Creator for my bros I Love My Kids beta badge TJEH Pack Badge

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AlunaStormWilligar: if anyone knows where to get owned badges or collar badges or black badges message me plz

AlunaStormWilligar: if anyone knows where to get owned badges or collar badges or black badges message me plz

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