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“Learn to develope, shop and earn credits here! Mingle with everybody!”

Hi there boys and girls!!! Here's a place for members, partners and customers to mingle!!! We share information, knowledge and loads of fun here!!! Learn about developing with our partners, learn to shop hot sale items with our customers and learn to earn credits with our members!!!

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Group Owner: VitaminCi
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Date Formed: 2007-09-22 09:55:42
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The Soapbox

4 deliciously juicy FRUIT BADGES for everybody! Grab them off VitaminCi's homepage! :)

If anyone sees the frauds spamming this forum again, please send VitaminCi a message, thank you! :)

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Holla Board


ZaraKaine: Shop ZaraKaine !!!! :D

Puma: Shop PUMA


Puma: Hello, will the site be open for business until the 12th of May?

ChloeDrake: May your Christmas be filled with lots of happiness, peace and love... ooh and lots of presents :...

MonsturGrave: Greetings. A great reseller and nice service. Had no problems yet. Glad your here.

BeastFallenAngel: What recently happen to the website for it is unaccessable at this time Whats going...

mP3D: Hi there evry1 , New Mocap Dance Motions in my catalogue. Go,check them out.

Puma: Brand new skins! : []

XolloXSandyDeeXolloX: Thanks for the new badges! Very cool! B)

JailynDazzy: how long will the sight be down, im in need for credits to create, anyone PLEASE!! :s

Gata: yaaaay, mingling :) xoxo

Chen: oh i was wondering whats going on with the site.. tho it still doesnt work.

VitaminCi: it was under maintenance for 2 hrs, our apologies. :)

Vneck: site is down ?

Zrizzles: omg just got my credits from you thanks that was faster than imvu it self xD thank Vitaminci!!

Puma: ........::::::::::::: REZ SKIN SERIES UNLEASHED:::::...

ChloeDrake: Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

gejwa: Hi!!! Follow me on fb, CHRISTMAS MESH SALE, first 15 that shares will get free gift from my catty...