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“Rocking The World, One Tune At A Time!”

For all our WMAV Rock Radio fans! Check out our Schedule and join us or feel free to contact Oracle2Dreams or TheMaverickMan to schedule a party!!!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: TheMaverickMan
Category: Music
Date Formed: 2011-05-25 09:59:25
Members: 255

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Holla Board


KennethCole: Thank You For The Invite

NevianaSkyeLove: WOOTS! ROCK ON GUYS!

TheMaverickMan: Yvw saharris, very happy to have you here!

Stayxee: Thank you for the invite :)

RCKNDOC: All the DJ's play awesome music and they certainly know how to rock the house! Thank U!

WhiskeyKizz: ty for the invite dark :)

Tina9691: i love to be in the group it rock hellya

SargtBlaze: ty for said its a fun group..

psButtacupZ: This is the most DRAMA FREE place in IMVU...KEEP ON ROCKIN'...much ♥love&#9829...

LadyBekkaVanSaten: thank you for invite


togan2: Ty for inviting me to join the coolest room on imvu with the coolest rockers ":)-D"

Desertmale: ty for the invite :)

jmd007: aww ty for inviting me to ur sweet group times

HellsEcstasy: thanks for inviting Me to the group trace ...:)

BlondeAsariel: Thank you for the invite woop keep on rockin

BriBear1966: thanks for the invite glad to be a part of the wmav fan club love u all :) bri

cheriamore24: So Cool ...Thanks for invite. Let's Party!!! Rockin the House!!!

RCKNDOC: I'm so happy to have this opportunity to join this group U guys Rock!!

SweetCheveyo_disabled_70318509: Thanks for the invite Trace ur sweeties friend Lorenzo