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“Excel Your Beauty Standards”

VITAL, owned by iMMuneC, is a Display Picture, Artwork, Catalog Icons & Banners, Product Texture, Hair Texture Shop, and more devoted to quality work at affordable prices.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: iMMuneC
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2014-10-14 11:57:47
Members: 1340

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CrimsonSora: @iMMuneC: stop with the click bate please.. ive checked that link and 50% isnt FREE xD

GangstaJojukF: [color=yellow][/color]

DJM3D: ty for the invite

iMMuneC: Special Deals & Promos Code: Dancer

iMMuneC: IMVU Advertising Questinarrie

iMMuneC: My Contact Info

iMMuneC: New FREE Products @ The VITAL Sellfy Shop

iMMuneC: 2 Outerspace Bundles @ The VITAL Sellfy Shop

iMMuneC: New Skins: @ VITAL Sellfy Shop

iMMuneC: New Product Textures & More! Visit My Shop!

DarkLuciaLYRICSDOMES: thanks

MssHeartBeat: Thankies for The Invite ";)"

iMMuneC: Room Textures on Sale! Visit My Shop

iMMuneC: Visit My Shop on Sellfy!

iMMuneC: Now accepting Paypal! -- iMMuneC.

iMMuneC: Derive Refunds Now Available! -- iMMuneC.

Phan: Thanks for the invite

HarleyRoseain: Thanks for the invite!!!! :) :)

GHEmpDiamondWolf: thanks for the invite :)

TATIPR: Thank you for the invite...

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