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“Discuss anime, play games, and join the Sailor Moon RPG hosted at an off-site PhP message board.”

We are a supplemental Anime Group for "Usagi's RPG Universe." Each contains different conversations and games while the RPG is hosted off-site! You can get info for the RPG at either group.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: PrincessSerenity
Category: Anime
Date Formed: 2010-02-17 15:43:42
Members: 117

The Soapbox


Affliated RPGs

Visit our website to learn more information about our group and read full episode transcripts: Usagi's RPG Universe
Group Owner: PrincessSerenity

Group Officers:
TsukinoUsagi, AquaGirlLove, PrinceEndymion, KaranaRose, and Adrianna

Usagi's RPG Universe Council: TsukinoUsagi, KaranaRose, and AquaGirlLove
Read the Role Play Rules before applying for a character. Remember, it helps if you read the full transcripts of our episodes, so you understand how to write for this role playing group.

To apply for a character, go to the Role Play Application thread. We use Japanese names only, and there are no fan-fic characters allowed. Supporting characters, however, can be more fully developed if a member wants to play one of them.
List of Available Characters:


1. Sailor Venus
2. Sailor Saturn
3. Sailor Uranus
4. Sailor Neptune
5. Sailor Jupiter
6. Many supporting characters

1. Zoicite
2. Kunzite

Visit the Full List of Characters for more information.

To join the actual RPG Forum, click here to register your account.

To join the original version of the IMVU RPG, click here.


None at the moment!

Active Members

    AquaGirlLove USS Firebird Badge V Badge Firebird Fleet FurryCredits Customer Queen Perillia Usagi RPG Universe (active role players only)
    Hyrulian Royal Crest USS Firebird Badge Firebird Fleet Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Usagi RPG Universe (active role players only)
    big bling Bling Appledolls Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Sailor Mars Sailor Uranus Sailor Neptune Queen Perillia Usagi RPG Universe (active role players only)
    SweetCryssy VitaminCi Kazzeroo GuardianAngel EV .. Not so Cute The Heart of Scotland Kuki80 Blue Pow Block The Triforce Padded Room.
    Cloud Strife Sephiroth DragonHeart Usagi RPG Universe (active role players only) Golden Triforce The Triforce Prince Endymion
    !!Daily Outfit Contesters!! MIU! ~ * I love you hipuko Pharmacist MolotovCupCAKE! 2 :::Have some grapes ::: LiiN 2010 Virgo Badge I love Alice Hime!
    GuardianAngel Spiritual1 YinYang The Heart of Scotland Frisky Dragon Ball Fan Nenawild... ~*d 3 m 0 n l c*~ Red Pow Block The Dragon Slice Me
    African Love Mabuhay ang Pinoy The Love Badge Irish 2 Irish Love & Music Bunny Badge ErieDragon
    Inescia Hello Kitty Inescia Chococat  .uraM ztdaB .uraM "Muak MuaK" ~*~ipporeK~*~ *~My Melody~* hello. Pixel Kermit the Frog Usagi RPG Universe (active role players only) Reina
    love & friendship BAHAA1 Janna-Rose Silky B&B

Holla Board


PrincessSerenity: Welcome to the group, bahaa! It's great to have you as a member.

bahaa1_7474288_deleted_7474288: HIII FRIENDS .. TYVM 4 THE INVITE .. HAPPY 2 BE HERE WITH U .. KISSESSSS ... BAHAA

PrincessSerenity: Welcome to the group, JadedSapphire!

xCrownJewelx: thanks for the invite!

PrincessSerenity: Message an officer. Thanks for being a member in both groups! :)

PrincessSerenity: More fun and random anime threads will be added soon! For an invite to the other group...

PrincessSerenity: Found here: []

PrincessSerenity: Sailor Moon specific "fun" threads are now only at Usagis' RPG Universe.

TsukinoUsagi: happy birthday to all the march members! im leaving the feb birthdays up a little longer too! xox...

TsukinoUsagi: its just a place to hang. the rpg takes place at another site. u can apply here though

Mortimer: umm.... -is confused- what are we supposed to be doing here? <.< >.>

TsukinoUsagi: done with house cleaning and transferring data between our groups! *whew* what a task!

PrincessSerenity: Welcome to the fan club, "Usagi RPG Universe" members!

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