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Membership: Content Creators only
Group Owner: WildRoseGr
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2013-04-25 00:49:42
Members: 1081

The Soapbox


If you want to put my banner to your product page just visit my IMVU Homepage and copy my banner code.Thank you

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Holla Board


CrimsonRoseSabreWulf: :) went shopping and thought it was Christmas in April.. going back for more soon. TY :)

CammiRoyce: I love your listed textures on self, Rose. I had to limit myself to 8. I'll be back for more

MariaOost: ty hun good work the textures

WildRoseGr: Thank you very much ValentinoCruz:)

ValentinoCruz: hi wildrosegr seen your packs on selfy realy nice hopen to buy from you soon :)

Sharzz: could you please add xxskydancerxx to your group ty vm

Fiona: Wishing all the group members a fantastic 2018..

WildRoseGr: Thank you all for your nice words.......:)

J4YC33: Thankyou & happy to be back with you :) Welcome've been missed!

TaurasBabyLove: You are so kind to offer free textures to us. Thank you so much!

ElenaDuDesir: thanks for the invitation

KyraLeeDoll: Welcome Back WE hope you enjoyed your time off!

MrDreJonMicheal: Thanks for the October FREE Textures...Love them...HAVE A BLESSED ONE ..

WildRoseGr: Thank you all.....happy to be back:)

MrDreJonMicheal: Hey Rose soo good to have you back you were missed greatly..Have a Good one ..Stay Blessed

MisSage: Welcome Back :)

PrincessLeainn: welcome back Rose

WildRoseGr: Thank you!Happy to be back....wish you all the best!!!

SynhaS: Welcome back Rose!! :D kisses

POESitivity: Welcome back hon, hope all is well! :D

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