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“The Best of Art”

A contest award group for those who likes DOCs and Art making outfits. Show your devotion to your best outfit shots!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: AlphaOmega
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2011-10-17 20:01:05
Members: 440

The Soapbox

Due to some difficulties
Group is temporary closing the contests

Hopefully in the future, Group will return

This place will be for Sponsors and their banners. More to come...







Sponsors needed, pro or no pro, anyone who believe they are good for this group, please message me. Thanks in advance

Active Members

    XenagabbyButterflyCreations Ellohym II Paw of Gold Cor La Let 1 Dragonfly Heart of Gold 38RB - Apple PendleWitches
    Disciple of Christ Repawelec... RiaWinx ~ Express Yourself Jadin & Token Star Avatars Contest Winner Kindle Sun Empire
    Under the rain part 1 Under the rain part 2 Under the rain part 3 Under the rain part 4 Moon Jar Encanted Rose Mel&Rell
    Doubt and be your own light CelticFairy ~MAR~ MarisaStone Outfit Odyssey g3nn3vi3sEYE Aache products VanWink World of PSM World of AlphaOmega Eye of PSM
    Stripey Poly :.:.baraq.:.: LuvableMeMeBadgev1 Valtine temarris products SeMoOo Celin
    Hello Domo SnapSwap! Trade with friends - trade smart! Mabuhay ang Pinoy Alexandra Owner Badge AA Finalist Repawelec
    Cheri Avatar Badge AvatarAwards Top3 AA Finalist Star Avatars Group Star Avatars Contest Winner
    AvatarAwards Top3 Repawelec... Aidollx Liciouz I Love My Life
    MARMAR Ballerina
    ~ 24k Gold ~
    3 evil clown Blood splatted bunny SexyVampire - Designs From The Darkside RavenWitchNightShade Badge Full Moon
    Unicorn Music AnnaLee - Be sexy Congratulations Top 3 Winners Nocturnal Embassy Contest twny Butterfly Memorys Thank you from Tori Σnigma

Holla Board


EvaDelana: please reinvite if group is back ;)

AlphaOmega: If I have to run the group again, I do need sponsors, so all who know such, let me know :)

Saffraina: please please reinvite me as well when you get back up and running :D

moonlight31080: Please reinvite me when this group gets back in action:)hugs

MsSchylla: Please re-invite me when you get going again; Hope all is well!! <3

Chen: reinvite if open again

SEZKAx_52304231_retired_52304231: Plz reinvite me when this group active again.. :)

AlphaOmega: Due to some difficulties Group is temporary closing the contests.

AlphaOmega: and if Sponsors want to continiu to help, please help me for the payments in time, prizes needed....

AlphaOmega: Hi all Members and sposors, due to illness jan contest is exxtended 3 days longer to 27 feb

GoldIngot: Congratulations to the winners and here's wishing everyone the very best of everything in 20...

AlphaOmega: Happy New Year to all! Thanks for the past 2013! Wish you All the Best!

Chelseacat61: I hope everyone had a most Blessed Christmas and all have a Happy and Healthy New Year! :)

Chelseacat61: Thank you so very much for 1st place! I am so surprised! And a BIG Congrats to other winners! :)

AlphaOmega: Please all users who enter, verify your emails if you want the prizes :)

LaurieyummmOSp4dez: Trying to figure out how to post my picture in the Fairies and Butterflies I am new here.

LaurieyummmOSp4dez: thanks for invite :P

TaraSG: Thanks for the invite :)

FaithDreams: Thank you for the invite :)

Dutchwannabe: Thanks for the invite :)

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