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The Porbrandr Province

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“norse, viking, rp, vampires, medieval,”

A collection of villages, towns and cities all within the Porbrandr Province. Rulled over by Alcests, Vivianna and their family. Honour, Integrity, Courage and Wisdom.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: KeevaKincaide
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2012-09-28 21:09:55
Members: 71

The Soapbox


The Official Flag Of Porbrandr

Map Of Porbrandr

Kingdom Of Xcalder

City Of Porbrandr

The Village Of Ebocarum Within The Valleys Of Halldora

The Market Place At Gautr

The City Of Geirvaldr

The Great Hall Of Havi

Arena At Olafr

Gypsy Camp At Vadoma

City Of Vidur

Fallen City Of Herjan

Ice Palace Of Fjolnir

The Harbour At Porkell

The Temple Of Fimbultyr

The Fallen City Of Fornai

Village Of Gudrun

Forest Of Sigrun

Alcestis Aglea Morte, Ruler And Founder Of Porbrandr

The pain you recognise will give you strength to face another day.

Four Of The Nine Virtues

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Holla Board


SiyaDarkAngel: Thank you for the Invite Mom :)

FleuretalAversa: Thank you for the invite *Bows lightly*

SylvanasWindrunner: Thanks for the invite mother

KittyMews: So... my bio... sorry :)

IIAeloraII: I will post everything once I come bk to IMVU Friday.

KeevaKincaide: All Members Please Sign And Date The OOC Creed

KeevaKincaide: All Members Please Sign And Date The Rules

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